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Monday, 1 April 2013

4 Tips to Sell SEO Clients

The people that they like your WEBSITES, content or messages, does not mean that they will become your customers to achieve this, you must raise and implement an appropriate strategy based on fundamental aspects:

1. Customize proposals

Customize a proposal correctly is not difficult and is the best thing of any kind of company; you can do not include dummy text and do it in low quality material. Make proposals without any effort, it sends a negative message to customers.

Just a matter of thinking, if a customer realizes that a company is careless in his presentation, as will think about the products or services offered.

You can change the entire layout of your proposals and choose the best accommodation information; you can also change the title format to customize it according to your business.

2. Earn their trust

Be sure to include in your offer important information about the company, including:

Corporate Biography: One or two paragraphs about your company and explaining why customers should hire you. You can include corporate philosophy making your company stand out. Do not just write "We are the best in SEO" as all companies do this statement field.

Clients: Show your work with previous clients and current, it is important for people to trust in your company. If you have worked with large and recognized companies, take advantage of it and include it prominently. It is very beneficial to your business users to observe that you were hired by a large company.

3. Revise general failures in customer sites

If a user went to a company looking to improve their rankings on Google, does not mean it is the only thing you should focus on. Check the website of the client identifies design errors, URL, etc...

Only a page: There are sites that consist of a single page, but for better positioning, you should consider adding more websites. If for some reason it is impossible to add more pages, a good option is to use blogs; they can share valuable information that could improve customer flow.

Charging time: Charging time is a factor taking into account the search engines to establish a charted. The lower the time, the better positioned. You can use the Google tool and analyze Page Speed ​​loading times of your website. You can improve the speed of a site by installing a plugins called W3 Total Cache; does not require advanced knowledge.

4. Troubleshoot

Make a list of each problem and explain the solution in detail so that the client can understand, even to be able to solve it.

Although this may seem contradictory, 99% of customers given laziness make changes and draw on you. By submitting a proposal as detailed, customers will have confidence in you and your company, knows that you are aware and updated on these topics.


Here you should explain to customers the way we're going to work and what they can expect from your job. The first step you should do is customer's details, the steps to be undertaken to comply with what they asked.

We recommend that you also include them working on a proposal to perceive errors in web and can be solved. You must add a schedule in both plans, so that the client is aware of the times and the changes that your site will have.

You can customize these proposals, telling the people in your company who will take charge of the work. You can also include a short biography of each member to make this work.

As mentioned before, a great tip is to include in the presentation template of your company, case examples with which you worked, the company's problems and the solutions you gave. Each case must comprise a maximum of one page. As an added bonus, you can include the customer testimonial.

With the growth of internet, many people who want to place their sites on top of Google, so to avoid going to the competition, makes your SEO work proposals in detail, spends time explaining and talking points possible outcomes. It is worth investing time and wins the trust of customers.

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