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Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Pros and Cons of Using Newsletter

The newsletter is a great help to provide current and relevant to your subscribers and visitors. The quality newsletters require considerable effort and research, which can be time consuming. However, these are well rewarded with satisfied customers who return and refer your products and services to others.

Send email newsletters have advantages and disadvantages, which is why we show you the pros and cons of using this form of communication:


Through the newsletter you can communicate with your readers quickly and easily. It is also one of the cheapest methods to build strong relationships with your readers. Plus it's a great way to promote your site.
The newsletter helps you have regular contact with your readers. That's why these messages are sent at regular intervals once a week or twice a month. A period of time that is easy to remember.
It is a wonderful platform to expand your business and brand. Not only did you send them to readers but also can get other bloggers who may have interest in your work and can recommend your site. That definitely helps expand.
They are easy to send. You can send your newsletters to hundreds of readers in seconds using a professional platform.
They can be programmed, which means you can select the date and time of delivery and the auto responder will do the rest of work. Your message will go to everyone on your list at the time you specify. So you can do the job even without the help of his staff.
The information you supply does not have to appear in public. It is totally private between you and your subscribers.


Time is a problem in the newsletters. We promise our subscribers to send our messages each week, fortnight, month etc… However there are times when we will not have enough time to create them. Therefore fail our readers.
At some point we will want to send a message only to subscribers of the newsletter, but it is quite long. Most readers simply ignored if the content is too long.
Hundreds of messages are sent to our readers, but few will be opened by subscribers. Some simply will click on the delete button, even without realizing who sent it.
Spam is another disadvantage of the newsletter. It is likely that their messages delivered straight to the spam folder.
We recommend that you have these tips in accounts anytime start sending email marketing campaigns.

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