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Monday, 1 April 2013

How to Improve the Quality of Your Content and Optimize Your Web Pages

Achieving quality text combined with technical improvements that allow good positioning, has been for a couple of years, one of the main themes in the middle. If you consult an expert in SEO, then you'll talk about keywords, links, and many other aspects that are important for search engines.

However, one of the biggest mistakes is to develop the content of a site focusing only on keywords, which is a problem because the quality of the themes developed have become a crucial point for a page to achieve a well charted within a search.

Ask yourself this: Do you want your site to stand at the top of a search, but it fails because the text is not of interest to the user?

One measure to achieve excellent build quality content and technically serve in the position is as follows:

Research the keywords that you use, once ready, think of them as the main theme of the website, and start writing 2 or 3 important points you want to deal in the text.

Step 1.

With or keywords set, start typing your topic, do not worry about technical aspects of SEO or grammar, just brings out your creativity with text. Write anything you want to tell people, do not leave anything unfinished and try to be as clear as possible.

At the beginning of the article the reader should try to relate to your topic, in the middle of writing the most important points the end always seems to be a conclusion, a kind of summary. At the conclusion of your article, take the opportunity to include a "call to action".

To know if you are happy with the text, when completed, read aloud, if your liking then you can proceed to step 2.

Step 2.

At this stage you will finish your article, doing a rewrite simple and uncomplicated, but exclude important elements of SEO aspect.

Separate two-stage content creation is a simpler way that you do the work. First you take care of the creative writing without "obstacles" the text, and then make the necessary changes to achieve good charted in the search engines.

Another good recommendation is to wait at least 48 hours to publish content in this period can have ideas and could make changes to the text to make it more acceptable to the search engines and readers.

Extra Writing Tips:

The hardest part of the optimization of a site is to create new and interesting content. To ease the task, you can investigate two or three keywords, if when you have difficulty writing an article or just cannot think of anything, you can write one based on another word.

When you're writing do not try to be such a perfectionist, if you have a finger error, leave it, keep writing and letting your ideas flow. There will always be time to review the text and make corrections.

Remember that the continuous creation of original content and interest is a way to keep your site updated, which benefit readers and thank you will rank your site, because the search engines will visit your site more often.

Invest a little time creating texts that are of interest to users, once you achieve catch your attention, can become faithful followers of your site and bring great benefits for you. Approaches not only in your site SEO aspect, nothing will serve a good position, if users do not like the content of your site.

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