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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

How to Plan a Strategy Of Customer Service In Social Networks

Customers complain about the lack of response from brands on social networks, indicating a lack of interest on their part, which degenerates in dissatisfied customers who avoid again have any affiliation with brands. These dissatisfied customers also transmit their frustration publicly, both in the online and to your closest contacts.

Design a strategy

The first step is to define a strategy, setting out an action plan, specifying who the parties involved, their responsibilities and functions to be carried out. To develop the company's strategy is to step into the shoes of the customer, and question:

How to detect incidents and calls attention from customers? Monitoring is key to register the entries for the brand, for which we must have effective tools.

What are the common questions or problems they face? How has acting in those specific situations? Having resolved a number of scenarios greatly streamline management of the common complaints. One of the main problems with customer service departments is the time it takes for your answer, which is used in most of the cases, to seek the answer.

What tasks corresponding to each area of ​​the company? You need to know who to ask, to a complicated situation, be clear about who can give an answer, or if applicable, who derive the problem.

What to do after you resolve the problem? The management of an incident does not have to end once a solution is offered to the customer. It is important to make this initial approach to empathize with the customer, show concern for their satisfaction with the response provided and then contact them again to make sure everything went well. Thus, it promotes customer confidence in the brand, the loyalty necessary step.

Train staff

A recent study by BT and Avaya indicates that 70% of customers in the UK and U.S. considering who know more about the product those agents are meeting their problem. This breeds mistrust and bad image for the company. Therefore, the customer service department must be made for internal staffs, who know the workings of the company and its products or services.

On this basis, these representatives of the corporate image for the customer must have the proper training, both on the system of management of incidents, as on customer strategy and action guidelines to follow, depending on the situation as it arises. Furthermore, their performance should be enhanced by a person responsible for each area of ​​the company, who may be available when needed. The goal should always be to provide a fast and efficient service.

Establish general guidelines for action and a general tone of the communication

All staff of the organization, with its actions, transmits the image of the company, so it is necessary to think, feel and act under a single criterion, using a single voice. For this reason it is necessary to involve them and make them participants of the importance of their role in the company, so that they feel part of, all who thus act in relation to the policy of the company, its philosophy and mission.

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