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Saturday, 30 March 2013

7 Topics That Will Attract More Traffic to Your Blog

Although your intention in blogging no more than sharing and entertainment writing in your blog, you'll like visits from your readers. Simply by maintaining the motivation and desire of the first day and feeding in a way the "blogger's ego." So surely you want the list to share below.

These themes and formats that more and better spread in social networks, which consequently can be great sources of traffic very influential for our blog, so we pay attention to what will be the global needs and interests, thus taking advantage of the "pull media" that can bring a topic of current interest and concern rigorous global.

7 themes and formats that will attract more traffic to your blog

Social Networks:

Never mind about the Scribes of these three: Twitter, Facebook and Google +, everything related to social networks sold, because interest and is fashionable. Resources, How are they used? Tools and others, serve to draw attention and attract more traffic.

Tips and Advice:

I love the "tips", nothing is more grateful to read, quick tips and warnings on a topic of our total interest. As readers we like to be guided, advised or recommended, while we learn about something, whenever we consider useful and helpful.


Everything about undertaking, creations of start-ups, new business models, the freelance world and ultimately, the experiences and advice for new entrepreneurs, the consolidated and all kinds of information on undertaking, is devoured by the user network.


The video format has many advantages, as its great power of virality, strong visual impact and can reach the reader's emotions quickly without forgetting that it is much more entertaining to watch a video than read an article. Just in case you try it prepares a post with some videos and compare the impact of other items, it makes a difference.


Lists have a great power of attraction, as they are quick to read, scanable at a glance and more visual for the reader. As interesting as it is what you write, if not provided by you the task of structuring the information the reader will not get the conversion. The title in this format is always very important always, but you must make clear here is a list, the list of what is and to whom it is addressed and call letters explaining something to your list serve.


I'm a fan of infographics, for various reasons, its ease of understanding and visualization, is a great way to absorb and assimilate information. Enjoy an amazing power of viral, spread quickly and are valued very positively by the reader. Dare to research and create your own infographics!

Culture "free":

It is very natural, who does not like the cheap? Well imagine something for free, that's the bomb. And if next to the word "free" is "online" and do not say. If something is free, we abuse, disseminate or share it therefore becomes viral, favoring trafficking who provides the service or product for free.

Surely there will be many more subjects or formats that are very attractive and help us generate more traffic to our blog.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Museums and Historic Sites in the Cayman Islands

The history and culture is one of the most unique and interesting things about the Cayman Islands. If you're a frequent traveller and are interested in learning about the islands' past, there are many great resources available to explore. In addition to housing great museums, such as the Cayman auto museum, the islands are also home to a variety of fascinating historical sites, many of which are legally protected and open to both citizens and tourists. If you'd like to learn more about the cultural history of the Cayman Islands, these are the best museums and historical sites to visit.

National Museum

The Cayman Islands National Museum is located in George Town, the capital of Grand Cayman, on Harbour Drive. Home to a wide variety of cultural and historical artifacts, the National Museum features natural and cultural history exhibits, as well as changing collections. This establishment hosts many great events and seminars, including special workshops for kids, and has an on-site cafe and gift shop.

Watler Cemetery

In earlier years, many Cayman settlers reserved an area of their land to use as a cemetery for their family. The Watler Cemetery historical site once belonged to the Watler family, one of the oldest bloodlines in the islands, and remaining members donated this site to Cayman's National Trust in the early 1990s. Visitors get to experience a cemetery that is straight out of the 1800s, and there are many interesting features, including house-shaped grave markers.

East End Lighthouse Park

Cayman's East End Lighthouse Park is home to the East End Light, which was originally built in 1918. The construction of this lighthouse came about as a result of "The Wreck of the Ten Sails," in which 10 water crafts crashed off of the eastern end of Grand Cayman due to, among other factors, poor visibility. A replacement lighthouse, which stands today, went up in 1937, following the installation of modern lights. The islands' National Trust has transformed East End Lighthouse Park into an interesting historical site.

Old Savannah Schoolhouse

The Old Savannah Schoolhouse was built in the Cayman community of Savannah following a 1932 storm that took down the school building that was located in Spotts. Prior to this, the educational system in the islands was quite casual, with the churches, and then the government, taking gradual interest as time progressed. Opened in 1940, the Old Savannah Schoolhouse was only a single room, and housed children as young as 7 and as old as 14, who would learn in groups based on both age and ability. The Cayman Islands National Trust restored the schoolhouse so that it can be used as an educational historical site.

Cayman Motor Museum

The islands' Motor Museum, which is perfect for individuals interested in the history of the Cayman auto, was opened in 2010. The vision of a powerful businessman with an incredible car collection, this establishment is home to more than 70 rare, unique and old car models, including the original "Batmobile." With reasonably priced admission, visitors will love exploring this museum, which is also home to a gift shop, as well as a wide variety of historical paintings.

If you're a visitor looking to learn more about the Cayman Islands during your trip, there is no shortage of museums and interesting historical attractions to explore. While many are outdoor, activities such as visiting the Cayman Islands National Museum are indoors and perfect for doing on a rainy day, or while the sun is at its peak.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

south coast of new south wales

South Coast of New South Wales – a description from Volume 7 of "Travel in a Changing World" by Gerard Castles available at

Eden used to be a whaling town. It is a popular town to stay if you like sailing, fishing and stunning scenery. Further along is the town of Pambula with a treasure house of handicrafts and gifts called Toad Hall. The town has grown a lot and now covers several square kilometres of houses. The 7 klm walk along the surf beach from Merimbula, where I stayed to Pambula and over the headland to the Pambula River is rewarding, but exhausting. I had a rest on the way, swam in the surf and in the river after walking over the headland before running out of energy. A large new surf club is being built behind the old one at Pambula. The viewing platforms nearby affords great views over the rocky headland beaches and the river with Australian bushland and rocky cliffs on the far side. After I was fully sated with the beauty of the area and the two swims, I was far too tired to walk back, so hitched a lift to Merimbula with two friendly water meter readers. They dropped me off at Mitchies jetty where I had a rest and another short swim. It was glorious. All that walking and swimming built up an appetite, so I had lunch at 3p.m. of Grenadier (fish), chips, salad and a beer back at the lovely, clean, comfortable youth hostel. After three days of pure bliss at Merimbula, where I discovered the back beaches , the town shops and boardwalk along the estuary, I headed north stopping briefly at Bega nestled in a valley mainly utilised for dairying and to beautiful Narooma where I had stayed six years earlier. This and Merimbula are my favourite town on the south coast of NSW. There were a few changes, but generally it is the same. To give you an idea of all there is to see, follow my description of my bicycle tour which takes all day to discover all of Narooma's secrets. It started from the motel which doubles as a youth hostel on the Bega side of town. I followed the road from here to the town shopping centre just down the hill from the distinctive olf church and fire station. On the way, you have views over serene Wagonga Inlet. I sped down the hill from here to the Information Centre which is like a nautical museum inside depicting the history of Narooma. From here I rode towards the bridge where the old YHA was located and along the bicycle track beside the inlet with views across to oyster beds and Mt Dromedary mirrored in the calm water. It is the highest coastal mountain in the region. I rode the bicycle over the highway bridge to the inlet. The sound of bellbirds filled the air and took a photo of the brilliant view over the inlet to the town. I suggest that you follow my lead and have a swim at the safe beach within the enclosed swimming area. This is a perfect place to relax in the sun between swims, go fishing or have a picnic. For lunch, I pedalled back to the Taylor's restaurant on Wagonga Inlet for flathead fillets, Tasmanian scallops and chips. It was absolutely delicious and the best place to have seafood. I looked at some interesting homes and many new units as I rode from Taylors to the camping grounds, the marina and on to the Hole in the Rock where the estuary meets the sea. The coast guard is located on the hill above with commanding views along the surf beaches to the north and all over Narooma. It welcomes visitors. I rested here while taking in the scenery and rode past the golf course and down to the scenic surf beach on the other side. The rock formations along the coast are dramatic, such as the cliff below the golf course and camping area and the big rock just offshore from the cemetery. The main beach is opposite the surf club and is reasonable safe. There is also a small creek entering the sea which I found to be clean enough to swim in. I returned to Narooma motel and YHA by walking up the hill past the small shopping complex. Bicycle pathways made it safer to pedal around Narooma to see all the sights.  On my last visit here, it took me several days walking around to see all of Narooma, so with the extra  pathways, cycling if a better option. Offshore from Narooma is Montague Island which has a lighthouse built in 1881 and a sanctuary for birds and sea life. In season, seals and penguins can be seen on the island.  From Narooma to Bateman's Bay, the highway goes through steep hills with forests, farmland and the large town of Moruya. There are several branch roads off the highway to popular fishing towns like Tuross Heads, Moruya Heads and Broulee. These scenic spots are popular for bushwalking, camping as well as fishing. Bateman's Bay has become much larger and a sizeable elderly population scoot around in their electric buggies. Every tourist discovers the marina, river views and the boardwalk, but often miss out on seeing the enthralling Eurobodella Botanical Gardens set in the forest 5 klms south of Bateman's Bay. There are hundreds of species of native Australian plants to see and all are clearly labelled. Six different tracks take you around the gardens and two of these are wheelchair and stroller friendly. I spotted many Eastern rosellas, yellow finches, robins, wrens kookaburras, waterfowl and magpies. The ponds, aboretum and bird hides are good places to sit for awhile to observe the flora and fauna. After spending two delightful hours here, I went for a drive to the beaches such as Sunshine Bay and had a relaxing swim near Observation Point; well named as I watched the amusing antics of about 20 teenagers as they passed by while I paddled about in the warm water. There some little offshore islands which are intriguing and the surf beaches are further south.

On a lazy, hazy sunny day, I drove from Batemans Bay to Woolongong. The highway goes through lush rainforest inland from Pebbly Beach; a popular spot for water sports and bushwalking. The police positioned themselves at the bottom of the hill along the highway in Ulladulla – a perfect place to make revenue from speed fines. Ulladulla has not changed much since my last visit six years earlier. Its main attraction is a safe harbour for fishing and pleasure boats. Continuing further north, the highway goes through small towns and rolling scenic farmland backed by forested coastal ranges. I reached Berry after nearly three hours drive and enjoyed a walk around this popular town to stretch my legs, while taking photos of the old buildings and looking at the shops. On my previous visit, I stopped off at Nowra and Jervis Bay, where kangaroos hop right down to the scenic beaches..  A guy at the Caltex service station told me that Berry was once a private town being part of a large estate owned by a Mr Berry. I am glad that I took his advice to go the scenic way to Seven Mile Beach, Gerringong and Black Rock Beach from where the views extended south to the mouth of the Shoalhaven Heads, coastal ranges and long stretches of beach and north towards the Illawarra coast. There are wineries around Coolangatta estate and at Gerringong, the Crooked River winery. Backing the Seven Mile beach, there is some natural coastal rainforest. Tracks lead from the road to the beach. The grass seems to glow on surrounding farms as it is so lush. Gerringong is built in rolling hills and reminds me of coastal towns in southern England. I drove the two kilometres to Black Rock point, passing nice homes. Werri Beach and Boat Harbour are good places for a swim. There are many historic homesteads in this farming area. Shellharbour is a large town with too much traffic, so it was with relief that I stopped in historic Kiama where I went for a stroll around town and saw the colourful post office, old bank and courthouse, Scots Church (1898), railway station, terrace houses, Christ Church (1872). At the blowhole near the lighthouse, I watched the water spray up and heard the thunder of the swell as it entered the cavern. The old Pilot's cottage is now the historic museum. It overlooks the harbour where the largest pelicans I have ever seen were waiting for a feed near the seafood restaurant. I drove to Little Blowhole a few kilometres south and took an excellent photo as it spurts higher into the air. Sporting fields, homes with well kept gardens, two surf beaches, a gold course and caravan park make this area a perfect to live or have a holiday. It abounds with all the facilities and natural beauty to make a perfect lifestyle – in fact, my type of lifestyle.

Self understanding, changes in moral codes

Self-Understanding contains a heavy mental component, especially that of self-acceptance. Without acceptance of oneself, an individual must erect defences that prevent self-understanding. Meditation leads to openness to such understanding. There are many distractions and stimuli on the brain at any one time and this makes concentration a must for effective behaviour and optimal performance. A clear, alert mind is a healthy mind, which is not occupied all the time with problems, anxiety, fear or affected by ill health. To be effective in listening, learning, solving problems and relating to people, we need to be able to focus on the issue. From the book "Lifestyle Renewal and Healthy Living" by Gerard Castles available at

There is more freedom of expression, pre-marital sex is the norm and there is less respect for other people and their property. The marriage is not looked on as a permanent agreement or contract any more, since divorce was made easier. Due to the high divorce rate, there is more government and community involvement in marriage counselling, but probably not enough preparation to help young couples cope with parenthood, child psychology, understanding a baby's needs and for resolution of conflict between partners. Lack of local employment and use of drugs has lead to a rise in thefts from homes and businesses. More needs to be done on the community level to help people to become more involved in their community, including the requirement of people receiving government benefits to contribute, within their capabilities, in some way to the community. This would give a sense of purpose, an aim in life and a valuable role as part of their community, where they would mix with people of all ages and in return, get satisfaction from their voluntary work. People mixing in their community in this way, then give more consideration and help to each other. There are social benefits from community involvement

Many young people do their own thing, but also contribute to society. Their attitudes to work, way of life, relationships and purpose in life have changed. I am one of those people, as my lifestyle and work are largely my own making, although still affected by the lack of suitable jobs and the economic situation. I can still pursue my own goals, use my talents and enjoy life. All over the world, people who genuinely want a job have submitted numerous applications or faced many unsuccessful job interviews. They feel dejected and begin to lack self confidence and self esteem. Sometimes, it takes a different approach and different attitudes to work and earning an income.

By Gerard Castles – author of the book "Lifestylerenewal and Healthy Living" available in printed form or as an ebook

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Antarctice - my experiences

While on summer holidays in Australia, we may sometimes think of going to a cooler climate to escape the summer heat; maybe even further south than Tasmania. Antarctica is the vast continent lying remote and at the end of the Earth being the last remaining wilderness. It consists of a magnificent polar plateau, vast mountain ranges and expanses of permanent ice four kilometres deep. It is now possible to go to Antarctica by air or sea for any adventurous traveller.

The easiest way to get there is to fly in the air conditioned comfort of a Qantas jet. From Sydney to Antarctica and back is just over thirteen hours flying time and you cover nearly 10,500 kilometres, which constitutes the world's longest domestic flight. There is much to see as the plane passes over the South Magnetic Pole, CapeHudson, Mawson's Hut at CommonwealthBay, the Metz Glacier, the AdmiraltyRanges, CapeAdare, giant icebergs, seals, penguins and sometimes you can spot an albatross. Prices range from about $1500 to $3000. Lunch, dinner and wine are served to all passengers. The New Year's flight is the best as there is a party on board with champagne but I travelled there the more exciting way down the coast of Chile abd across land by bus and ferry into Argentin and bus to Ushuia to go on an exhilirating ride across the Beagle channel to experience Antarctice first hand.Passing icebergs and accompanied by dolphins who surfed the bow of the ship and albatross gliding overhead, I felt that I had truly reached what is known as the "End of the World" InUshuia thedre is a range of accomodation ranging for family run guest houses where they rent a room to a traveller and you share their kitchen and bathroom facilities, to more luxurious hotels, or you could stay in a friendly backpackers like I did where I met other fellow travellers and adventurers. It was great to share their experiences of making their way around Patagonia or travelling to the edge of Antarctica. Before going so far south I bought warm clothes at the markets in Puerto Madryn, including a coat with hood made of alpacha wool.Underneath that I wore a t shirt, polo neck, warm shirt and pullover. I had thick underwear and windproof trousers to keep out any cold and dampness. My attire ensured that I kept warm.

from the book "Travel in a chaning world" available for under $10 from my website where you can find full details of the content of all my books.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Reasons people post on twitter and facebook

Reasons people use Facebook and Twitter

To connect with friends and relatives

To promote themselves and get the recognition they do not get in real life

To promote their product or services ( a form of advertisement)

To air frustrations, grievances about people or an unfair situation

To bully, ridicule or defame someone they dislike or are jealous of

To spread malicious rumours which can do more than defame

To gather information about others for their own gain or satisfaction

So beware of what you use Twitter or Facebook for, otherwise it can ruin your career, reputation and lifestyle. Hackers do not care about your privacy.

 Your personal information, likes and dislikes, views, behaviour, personal ideas, thoughts and photos are all monitored by Facebook, Twitter and anyone who gains access to your online exposure

Be careful of using all social media and do not give out information or viewpoints as more than just your friends and their friends can see. Be aware that what you say about others can spread wide on the net

So what does that leave for us to use Facebook Twitter and other social media for, including blogging?  In fact, not much except keeping friendly connections with friends and relatives and generally talking about a lot of trivial crap

That is why I only log on once or twice a week. I have friends and contacts in the real world that I prefer to spend most of my time with.

There are hackers out there who have the expertise to re use what you have written over the years on blogs to build up a profile of you that could hurt your reputation and possibly even your career or lifestyle, so be careful what you write on these sites. Keep it friendly, not too personal and do not disclose personal information about yourself that may harm you in the future.

Remember -

Wisdom lies less in what we learn and more in our reactions to that learning; less in quantity and more in quality of knowledge of principles; less in the possession of ideas and more in the right employment of them. We must absorb our experiences and knowledge into our being which is an immortal reflection of the soul.

Those who have therefore found the centre of balance are open to the riches of the world. Keep this in mind when you are posting blogs on the internet.

from Gerard at the ultimate website to improve your quality of life.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Importance of a Excellent Auto Sound System

If you expend a great deal of time in your car, and yes, the morning commute to work and the evening commute home each and every day absolutely counts, you are most likely more than slightly aware of the benefits of having a good auto sound system. Your sound system is your companion in your travels most of the time. Even those who have children often spend a great deal of time driving alone.

For those long and sometimes alone kilometers your automatic audio program is the speech of reason, the dynamic defeat, and the information that keeps you up on present activities, climate predictions, and what is going on the globe of the affluent and celebrities. Even if you aren't all that into songs there is the extensive and amazing globe of discuss stereo that keeps many of us advised and infected about problems that are important to us and causes which we feel amorously about.

The appropriate automatic audio program impacts the way we listen to everything that comes through our receivers. It doesn't really matter if you have technology of registration applications, XML development, or even electronic stereo if your audio program is inadequate the quality of your development will never achieve your hearing. Your audio program is the distinction in conventional appears to be coming through your sound system and quality making its way to your hearing.

Surprisingly however, you do not have to have the loudest audio program in order to have the best audio program. The reality is that once the songs is so noisy it stops to audio like songs and comes across to those within and outside of your automobile more as disturbance than the amazing songs it may be in other conditions. While there are many who appreciate the pounding and moving appears to be that come from over highlighted fish, there is something to be said for an automatic audio program that is well curved and healthy. A good audio program will make all factors of the songs audio better and not just a certain few.

The essential thing about audio techniques aren't the price that they control, the fish that they display, or even the most moment information of the making and production of the audio program. The real appeal of a audio program can be found in the fact that it should be songs to your hearing. You and you alone can select the audio program that you like best as every person has different things they will pay attention for and appreciate in not only their songs but also their audio techniques. I love many different kinds of songs and consequently will usually pay attention to several different songs styles as well as a stint of discuss stereo on several different techniques and select the one that appears to be the best on the most of the songs systems and styles I select. I suggest a approach just like this to all who are enthusiastic about buying an automatic audio program for their automobile.

One thing that often gets overlooked is how plenty of your energy and energy and effort we really spend in our automobiles in the course of a week. Most people pay very short time, money, or attention the particular stereos we put into our automobiles when in reality we spend nearly as plenty of your energy and energy and effort each week listening to our auto audio techniques as we do watching the televisions in our home. Music is all around us and it deeply affects and enhances our joys, our sorrows, even our romance. For those reasons, shouldn't we invest as much, if not more, some time to energy in a great auto audio program as we do in a television for our homes?

By making the effort to get the perfect audio program for our automobiles when we first purchase our automobiles we will enjoy the most our audio techniques can provide. By enjoying our audio program, more people are willing to hang on to their automobiles longer which actually saves significant amounts of money in the long run while also increasing your overall enjoyment of your energy and energy and effort spent commuting to and from work each and every day.

Friday, 22 March 2013

YouTube's Test Tube What Is It?

Are you an effective participant of the YouTube community?  If you appreciate posting and discussing your movie clips with others you may be.  Even if you want to only observe movie clips online, not discuss your own, you may still be an effective participant of the YouTube group.  If you consistently end up viewing the YouTube website, whether it is to publish your own films or observe films online that others have published, you may be familiar with of a system that is known as TestTube.  TestTube is an concept that was produced by YouTube, although it is still in the examining period, you might discover YouTube's to be quite interesting, exclusive, yet useful.

As you can likely tell from the name and as it was described above, TestTube is a system that was and is still being produced by YouTube.  Test Tube is where YouTube is currently examining a extensive range of different things; factors that will likely enhance the way that you observe or discuss movie clips on YouTube. When you think about it, YouTube is definitely awesome.  They are one of the biggest movie discussing sites, as well as the most well-known, yet they are still getting a number of making the movie discussing encounter even better.

Although the system is not actually termed as a try out system, it can be regarded one, as everything that is examined is still in the trial stages.  As it was described above, many of factors being proved helpful on in YouTube's are upgrades to create viewing and discussing movie clips online simpler.  To know if these concepts or upgrades are actually operating, they need other web customers to help analyze them out. This is where you could come in. If you were fascinated, you could demand to be a part of the YouTube system.  You will not only discover doing so fun and interesting, but you may also get a direct look at many of the changes or upgrades that the people at YouTube are trying to create.

Although the upgrades or concepts being proved helpful on in YouTube's are likely to differ, you will discover that many upgrades or concepts are based on viewing movie clips.  For example, YouTube is currently operating on an concept that allows you and other web customers, who are viewing the same YouTube movie clips, to discuss to each other, almost like a stay, real-time discuss. This is a little bit different then delivering personal information or writing feedback on a YouTube movie web page. Another exclusive concept currently being analyzed in YouTube's TestTube, is the capability to add songs to videos clip, as a viewer.  In YouTube's Test Tube, you have the capability to exchange out sound from a YouTube movie from a lot of certified songs that YouTube has authorization to use.

The choice as to whether or not you want to check out the Test Tube area of YouTube is yours to create, but it is definitely something worth looking into.  You get to try out all of YouTube's present concepts or upgrades for free.  You are also motivated to provide your recommendations as to whether or not you like them.  This, in convert, could help to create your YouTube encounter even that more unforgettable. If you are looking for enjoying YouTube's system, you will discover more details about the system, by viewing the YouTube web site.  In contract, at the end of each YouTube web page, you will discover a web link with more details on TestTube. For More Info to read blogger online help, best blogs to read.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

What You Should Know About Website Marketing

Whether you are a new blog writer, or one that has been writing a blog for a while, you are probably thinking how to get more revenue, guests, and guests to your web page weekly. Promotion your web page the right way will give you the outcomes that you are looking for. You are going to discover that you cannot just create a site, publish in it twice, and then anticipate for the globe to discover you. That just will not occur how much you wish for it. However, you can industry your web page successfully, and get the outcomes that you are looking for.

To start blog marketing you first need a site. The next phase is to make sure that your web page is modified regularly. Post material in your web page consistently for the best outcomes. Some will publish once a day and others once per week's time. Whatever it is, be reliable with it and know that it will pay off to proceed publishing as you should. This is a fantastic way to get began with blog marketing. You will never have a site to promote if you do not publish in it consistently.

While most 100 % free weblogs all look the same, you can create sure that your web site style is unique. You do not want your web page to experience and look like everyone else's, so create it different. Having your own look is a large plus in your online marketing globe. You will discover that most weblogs all look the same and you can have your own look by just using HTML and modifying the value to match your flavor. You are going to see that this will truly matter with your web page as well as your guests. Try to get a concept that is going to go with the industry that you are advertising in your web page. Doing so will create it look even more expert. You do not want your guests to befuddle your web page with others do you? If this is something that you are involved about, you will definitely want to create sure that you modify yours to create friendlier. However, if you are not concerned about it or involved about it in the least, you can keep the style as one of the 100 % free layouts that you see so regularly used.

Something else that will help you with your online marketing is trading hyperlinks with power weblogs and sites that are in your same industry is another excellent way to get the phrase out about your web page. The power sites are going to have a greater web page rank, and will also be detailed high in Google's Google search. So do some queries and examine those out and see if they are up to trading hyperlinks. If they are not, you could always just add those into your web page move. You do not need authorization to do that if they are not into connecting. However, on the globe of weblogs, most blog entrepreneurs are pleased for all hyperlinks, and are willing to come back the benefit. This is a fantastic way to promote your web page that some do not think about or use. If you use this strategy to get your web page seen, you will not be sorry. You can even use this for online marketing, and you will see a lot sites do that.

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Blog training, Tips and Approaches

You are searching for Blog training, Tips and techniques, perhaps not finding what you need to get your blog traffic. You might want to get top ranked on the internet and don't know how or where to start. The answer will be not as complex as you may think as most matters in life just appear difficult because it's new.

I know when getting started online with blogs, it was my goal to get tons of traffic and get high rated on search engines as that is how you get traffic right? The Blog training, Tips and Techniques that you will be provided could be the very thing, which can kick start your blog, business or service into overdrive today. If you need real answers and not fluff than you're going to must make a decision after checking out the blog training provided. You must check out the site below when you click the link in order to get said information, as it will take you to a private video. You must enter a good email address and you will be sent the private video that can open your eyes to what is out there, as it relates to Blog training, Tips and Strategies online.

If you're able to get a high authority blog, get top ranked on search engines and tons of traffic, what could this mean for you and your business? I would assume that it would be the difference between actually being in business or out of business. The methodology, tactics and tools required to get a blog top ranked is fundamentally simplistic in scope but very misunderstood.

Blog training, Tips and Strategies are given when you click on the link below and you will find a place that will allow you to be who you are and what you were meant to be. You're a giant drowning in 2 inches of water, stand up and take control of your destiny now. Success is a choice, it's a decision that once made can alter your future now. Are you willing to make it happen, do what it takes? Can you follow simple instructions that once applied can be an epiphany for your present moment.

Life is not difficult but you make it hard by thinking that it's so, as a man think it so shall it be. If you feel life is easy and filled with abundance than you're correct as your thoughts are things and what you think about, you bring about.

This may seem like far out, craziness but it's true and it also takes something that most people are incapable of doing, which is put in the work. Do what it takes, when ever it takes for as long as it takes but with Blog training, Tips and Strategies, it does not take long.

The problems in life can't be resolved, cured or fixed with the same thinking which created the problem. You'll need a different approach and you need to learn how to think so you can have what you deserving of having. The decision is yours and the choice is on you, be it good or bad; it was and will remain your choice. Make the decision now, you will not allow anything to hold you back, nothing will block you and nothing will get in your way of realizing your dream.

Action creates reactions which create results which cause your world to change. Good luck with the actions you make as it's always the easiest decisions that are the hardest to make and the most impactful.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Blog Training News

What is the blog training news for today? The blog training news for today is to find a method that enables your blog to get traffic and high ranked in the search engines. If you can get the knowledge to apply in your business and goodness, actually and literally apply it; where could you be in a year. It doesn't matter how great your blog looks, if your not getting people to see it. This information is available in such a step by step format that your literally taken by the hand through a systematic progression of information which leads you to knowing how to create an income online using blogs.

My advice to you is to get the information from people that are actually making the income as they know something you don't. If you apply information that's been shown to generate an income for others and you do it on a regular basis, you can put yourself in a position to make the same results. It's totally up to you as it pertains to our blog training as it's information that's unique and works. The most important thing, are you willing to work it? A system that works is worthless, unless you're willing to work that which has been shown to work.

I can't hold your hand unless your willing to grab it, I can't make you drink the water unless your willing to reach in and drink it. You're the obstacle in your path, get out of your way and make it happen now. The cost for this system is so small in comparison to a night out for dinner, it's ridiculously low, no excuse is allowed here. I can't guarantee your success with the blog training because you may be a lazy sob, you may need others to pat your ass, rub your belly and walk with you through the tulips. I'm not that guy, you're the one who is going to need to take some action, you're the one who is going to succeed based on what you do or don't do now.

The excuses are many and each excuse that you can come up with, could be destroyed in an instant as others worse off than you have made it happen through a scary word, called work. If you're willing not to be a whiner, complainer and can stay the course and not quit when someone or something goes boo, you can do this now. The blog training news can be explained as you having the power within you to get anything you desire but you need to take action.

We can and will show you what to do and how to do it as it's already in place for you. The system is here and it's not gonna cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars as you can make an income without spending that large investment but earn the income as if you did. You should have confidence in yourself as this blog training works and it works every time for those capable of working it. The secret's very simple and not complicated as it's the secret 2.0 as many individuals have heard of the secret and the law of attraction but the secret 2.0 is work your ass off.

It's not that complicated and working hard in this business amounts for me to about an hour or two per day. It's easier than you think, a lot more than you know and better than you can actually imagine. The blog training news for today is that your the source of your success and failure. You have the key here with our blog training and if you're not willing to grab it and take action than you can't complain when you don't have what you want or can't do what you would like to do. If you're not willing to make it happen by taking action which is easy, than you just don't have it within you.

The 1st step and the blog training news of the moment is for you to click on the banner below or above this post and refer to the instructions as it's not rocket science. You will do this now and can take action now because it's within you and be prepared to join now. Show yourself and others that you're a winner and not somebody who is average as the average person would not do what you're able to do and that is to take immediate action and get started now.

"I would prefer to do something and fail than nothing and succeed"

Blog Training Basics

If you're seeking out Blog Training Basics, you've come to the ideal place. You're not going to find anything as easy and straight forward as the powerful training that you get here. The basics are the invaluable steps you'll want to take in order to put yourself in a position to making an income online with blogs. You can use the methods to earn in any business but it all comes from the basics and getting those down correctly.

If you can learn the basics of blog training and follow the instructions and take action everyday, you're putting yourself in a position of power. You're putting yourself in a position where you can start out the gate where someone else would have taken years to learn. This is not hard stuff, it's as basic as it gets and it's as color by numbers as it gets. If you want to be successful on the Internet or in anything, you need to have the basics down or you will fail. If you can't follow directions, listen and take action on simple steps, this will never be for you. If you're a person who listens and can take action, you will be successful but it does take action and it will take the willingness to do something simple every day.

The blog Training Basics aren't tough, it's not too difficult as it's merely you doing a few steps provided to you every day and if you act on those steps, you will move forward and not backwards. The most difficult part of anything is the starting point, the green light and the process of putting the right foot in front of the other. I don't know if people are just lazy but if you can just do some simple things that are provided to you on a silver platter, you can do this.

We're talking about something which is literally set up for you and ready to go when you press that start button. I understand people have plenty of reasons that can be created for why they can't or how their situation is different. Everybody has a story but it's how you play out the reasons that will dictate the outcome for you. Don't allow the circumstances be the reason for standing still, instead let the instances be the reason for moving forward, at mac speed with your hair on fire. It's about momentum and getting started and taking simple yet consistent steps everyday. You see, when action is applied everyday than you create momentum for you as everything you do, can and will have a definite effect good or bad.

By taking positive steps, using Blog Training Basics and doing this not for a day or week but every day for a year, you will see results. I would gather a guess and say that you'll notice changes very quickly and way before the year is up. Action creates effects and it's the actions that one takes which will spell out what effects materialize. If you take the action of sitting on a chair or sleeping all day, the effect is fairly predictable. If you get off your butt and make a change steps that are deemed productive or income producing such as that which will be explained to you in the blog Training Basics, you will see results.

The basic difference between our life's and where one desires to be can be found squarely between the steps of nothing and something. It's the something, it's the real action that counts and defines who you are and going to be tomorrow. The choices you make today will impact you tomorrow so make smarter decisions. The first decision that you need to make is getting started and that is the easiest part but for some, a struggle. People hold themselves back due to inaction versus making a decision to act now.

You should make better decisions and that starts now, click the banner above or below this post and you will have the chance to watch a private video and this video will lead you down the road to understanding what this can be for you. After you watch this powerful video, you merely take another action step and that's merely getting started. You're not an excuse maker but a person who destroys excuses before they form. You're a doer, you're a winner and you're a person who takes massive action as it's your life and you only live once, make it count now.

Give up the excuses, the reasons why you can't but now it's time to focus on the reasons why it can. You make it happen through a decision, you make it happen through perseverance. You make it happen throughout the process of taking action and taking action now. I dare you to be greater, better and smarter than you were 10 seconds ago which requires you to make one decision that could literally change your life forever, starting now.

Get moving, get rolling and click on the banner above or below this post and watch that private video and I will see you where your dream begin and it begins now. An individuals life can and will literally change in a moment, in a second and in the blink of an eye and you control that through one thing and it's called action. You must also control your thoughts as positive thoughts must be the only thing you allow into your mind and negative thoughts must go as those are the weeds in your garden that keep you from seeing your dreams becoming reality.

Blog Training Fundamentals is a highly effective system that's waiting for you and it's time to make a decision and that time is now.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Blog Training Updates

If you're searching for blog training updates that will take you to a new level in your business, you found it. We provide blog training updates that are not rehashed information from ten years ago but current and practical information for right now. Those smart people that grab this information and apply it will see results and it's knowledge used and not knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Anyone can gain knowledge but it takes a leader to use said knowledge and not everyone is able to do the extra work.

We're providing you blog training that is way beyond anything you have seen before as it's about creating traffic for your business, blog, etc. It's knowledge on how to think like a millionaire as it all starts in the mind. It's about creating a system in place that gives you a head start as you get a blog platform which is an authority site. It's a site that the search engines already love and can rank high in the search engines.

This system lets you have power through blog training updates that when applied can alter your business for ever. Knowledge is not power as its applied knowledge that makes it powerful. You just have to use it, take action on it and don't listen to the voice in your head that you're not good enough because you are and can have anything you like, if you believe and take action.

I can not say enough about this system as it's allowed people who never made an income online before to earn their first thousand dollar day and more. You have everything you will need in front of you but its going to be up to you in order to make it happen. You have to work it, you need to apply the knowledge and if you do and do it often, you will not recognize yourself in a year.

I've been marketing online for about 8 or more years now and have never seen a system that works so well and so easy. You just need to take the information available on how to create traffic and apply it. When you send traffic to a system that creates income when you sleep and live your life without having to be on the phone 8 hours a day, this is the answer. It's 25.00 to get started so come on and take action now, we're not talking about a second mortgage here and what would happen if it works? Would you own a different car, live in a different house? How could your life change in a year or less, if you apply what has already been shown to work day in and day out for others.

The blog training updates are not the normal things that you get from a book or from a google search but information from people that are making 6 figures a month using this same system. I didn't say per year, I said per month and if you you can apply information and follow easy steps, you can do this now. The question is, will you do it and if you do, can you do it for a year without a pat on the ass, belly rub or bear hug? This gives you everything you need when applied to take you one step further in any business. You only need to apply it and if you can take action and do it for a year as instructed, you will come out the other end better for it.

This blog training is not your typical training and not the old way of doing business as this actually works when applied. The average person does nothing so the question now is, are you average, are you typical? I don't know you so you have to answer that for yourself as it takes someone who is not average to take action and be willing to apply that which already has been shown to work for others. You're just as capable of success as anyone because if you get the same information and apply it as others have, you can be where they are.

It's not hard as it's simple but it's not easy as it requires action and most average people are not willing to do this which is why they live mediocre life's. I ask you today, right now, take action and apply said knowledge. We give you everything but you have to give back as this is a team afford and it requires you to follow through and get it done. Get the blog training updates today and make a shift in your life starting now!

The first step for the leader, doer and certainly not the average is to click on the banner above or below this post and see the private video. Once you watch this powerful video, get started. It's not for the average but I don't know you so we shall see where you are in terms of being average or being extraordinary. I'm looking for extraordinary because anyone willing to better themselves, improve themselves and work for it, is an extraordinary individual. What are you?

Empower Network Blogging System

What is the Empower Network blogging system and what can it do for you? The blog training platform is a system that's set up to enable people like me and you to make an income online. I watched Empower Network for a year and saw people creating an income online and these people had never made an income online before, certainly not close to what they were making here.

We have an income disclosure that you can read when you click on the banner above or below this site and watch the private video within as you will see an income disclosure that is updated daily and we're actually proud to show our earnings. We can't guarantee your income since you could be lazy and not willing to follow instructions but if you apply what you learn here, than you can have what you desire as you have what it needs to reach your goals. If you take action and use the system than you can do it, if you act on it.

The Empower Network Blogging System is built on the principle of helping people to become empowered and to learn methods that work now. It was set up in order for anyone willing to apply it to have their first wins online now. This blog training is built on a platform that is one of the top sites in terms of traffic on the Internet. You get this blog platform and this gives you power as you now have a site that's an authority site so it will get better ranked in the search engines. You have the great training provided that puts you in a place of power because you have the opportunity to know how to drive traffic and create an income online.

Empower Network is proven to work, period! If you work it and use the information provided, it can be done as others are currently doing it now. It's amazing how simple it is when you compare it to a 9 to 5 job since I know people who are not working close to 8 hours a day here. Your the boss, you're put in a position of ownership as you are provided a system which can show you how to be a business owner through this income opportunity.

This blog training can help those who require an extra income, need something more and desire more in life. We show you how to start an income opportunity from home and build it to any level of success that you're willing to build towards. You have to review this and the cost is so low to get started that it's silly not to try it out and put in the work. We're not talking about phone calls, chasing people on the street but an income opportunity that you can run from home on the Internet. Empower Network blogging system is the best thing out there. I know since I've looked and this works and it works great.

You have people that were homeless, bankrupt, sick and tired with many other stories of people who overcame great odds. They came here and used the Empower Network blogging system and they found success. Does this mean that you will be successful? NO!!

I don't promise success, especially to people who I don't know and have no idea what their work ethic is or how bad they want it. Some people will do nothing and get nothing as it's common sense but common sense is not that common. I can only say, if you take this seriously, click on the banner above or below this post and watch the private video within, you will know if it's for you. You will know if the Empower Network blogging system will be your home as your the only person who knows you and what you're willing to do and what you're willing to put into your future now.

The greatest thing about Empower Network is that anyone can get started for the cost of dinner out. I never imagined that a simple system that I could get involved with for so little could mean so much to me and my life. I'm someone who was painfully shy with zero self confidence and if I can do it, anybody can do it, period!

Start now, click on the banner below or above this post and you will be forwarded to a site that will allow you to put in your best email address so we can send you a private video. This video can be the beginning of something new and something bright for you now as you take action now and watch the private video now.

Join us, learn about us and I look forward to hearing your story very soon.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Empower Network Blog Training

Empower Network blog training is all about choosing a program that most people don't understand and being in a position of understanding and power. You need this blog training now and the opportunity that Empower Network provides is beyond anything you have ever seen. Some things appear too simple and easy the most important things that come your way are skipped over since they seem too simple. This was hard for me to believe and it was hard for me to understand originally but when I started making income online using this blog training, I knew this was the real deal, no BS!

It's going to cost you 25.00 and 19.95 for a processor which is provided for you and it enables you to except credit cards like a real business owner. The kind of income that's currently being made with the Empower Network blog training is more than people make with those franchises that cost them half a million to start or more. It's time for you to take a serious look, don't try it out, do it!

I can try all day long to pick up a pen and that pen will remain on my desk but if I do it, than that pen is in my hand. It's quite simple, you don't try, you just do, period!
Success with this kind of Blog Training is awesome and it's something that is more than meets the eye. It goes beyond creating an income with blogs as the principles can build any business online and means that you can build any online business with this Empower Network blog training.

I originally looked at it perhaps a year after they started and was not interested as I just did not know what I didn't know. I could not wrap my head around it until a year later, I saw something and it was people that I knew who actually made more income online than they ever did in their life's and they did it without working the kind of hours that I knew they worked other business opportunities before. They were not glued to their computer, they had more time and they made a lot more money.

I had to take a look and I got involved and it taught me how to be a real business owner, how to make a true income online and what to do and how to get massive traffic to any business. If you're really looking for the blog training or online training that can take your current business or the Empower Network business to heights you only dreamed of, than do yourself a favor and take this seriously. This is not a joke, this is your life and if you take action, join with us and do what you're told, you can have anything you want as its up to you.

It's not up to me as its up to you if you succeed or fail simply because you have everything it takes to win but you may not believe in yourself and that is unfortunate. You're a great person and you deserve only the best in life so go and get it. I want to run with you, lock arms with you and make this happen together. We provide the support and training and you have to bring your desire to take action and get things done.

The answer is here, within the Empower Network blog training program and you have the decision. You can start or you can remain where you are at this moment and live your life as you always did, getting the same mediocre results. A problem can not be solved with the same mindset that created it so this is no different. We help you with changing your mindset and empowering you so you can be the person you were always meant to be.

You're a giant drowning in 2 inches of water so get up and make it happen. Don't create excuses, don't let the self doubt and negative self talk destroy what you deserve. Don't pay attention to the voice that says you can't, because you can win and win now. You need to join us with the Empower Network blog training and this means for once in your life, you can finally make a decision and follow through.

You can click on the banner below or above this post now, you'll be directed to a special site and you can put in your best email address so we can send you a private video and you can join us now. You're a powerful person and you're now only a decision away from making this the best year ever. I'm excited for you as you make the decision to better yourself with the Empower Network blog training and with this powerful blog training, you will not recognize yourself a year, two years and ten years from now. Welcome in advance to our team as you now are joining the best training and best opportunity that you could find at this moment. You're here for a reason and that reason leads you to making the decision now to join us.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Get Blog Training

Get blog training and discover how a simple blog can turn spit out an profits that most could only dream. I could sit here and type all the details to creating a blog and how to pull traffic to it and spit out money like a slot machine but that's not my point here. I need you to get blog training that can change you into an empowered person, someone who can sleep well at night; knowing that you can generate an income anytime, anywhere.

The rules provided within this training ground can take any newbie and expert alike to a level that far surpasses anything that one could fathom. I know that our training works because individuals are earning an income online and some for the very first time in their life's.

It's not about me showing you precisely how to do it but its about me directing you to the information that will empower you to be someone who is in total control of your future.

If I tell you to get blog training that can probably change your life and you do nothing than it's not my fault that you fail. Its a decision as it would be for anything in life when it comes to achievement. It's not a mystery or giant secret but a technique that once applied can allow the average person something significant. The attitude needed is important as to the success of anyone online and off line, if you're a negative person than you're not going to make any decisions, you're not going to take action and will ask, why have I not improved myself financially or otherwise.

The answer is clear, you need to be or try to be the person that is an action taker and you must get blog training now and what ever it tells you to do, you don't ask why but do it. It's much more than just writing words on a page and much more than driving traffic to it. You must understand the full dimensions of what's here for you, if you get blog training that works and works now.

I will always repeat myself and the message will never change, if you're motivated than you will actually do great things. If you want to be empowered than it requires you to obtain info that will allow you to be empowered and to be in charge of your life. You have people that were homeless and had no hope for the future but when they learned these simple methods provided within the blog training, they changed. When you get the same blog training than you will have the knowledge that can literally change your life now.

Someone who is homeless one minute and living a life of their financial dreams the next; how is this possible? The possibilities are found when you learn some very simple methods, strategies and tactics which can take someone from where they are to where they want to be. You will find a banner above and below this post and you must click on it now and watch a private video. This video will allow you to have the prospect to make a decision and decisions are made by those who are ready. If you're ready, you will know it after you watch this powerful video and see for yourself, how easy it can be and that it's not as hard as you made it out to be or how people want you to think it is.
Ads by Google

You don't have to work 8 hours a day 7 days a week every week for a year to be successful, its not required and this would be harder than I would be willing to work. I understand when you get blog training, real blog training; you're at a level that others can only dream. Knowledge is a powerful thing when that information is used and used continually, you may feel uncomfortable and you may feel scared because some people have never made a real decision in their entire life. Specially a decision that can alter life's within a few months and you can look back and see where you were and where you are today.

Where you are today is based on your best thinking and if you're not where you want to be than its obvious that your best thinking is not good enough and you need to know how to think. If you know how to think in a way that empowers you and guides you towards a life that you dream, than why not get blog training and use said information and finally act on it now.

Get blog training right now and use the information now, you can be in a year where people would only dream to be in a life time. It's only once in a life time that one is given that once in a life time chance and most will pass it by. They take it as hype or just refuse to believe, even before getting the information. If you get the information and say no, than you're the one who made it based on facts but to make a decision before gaining the knowledge is ridiculous and will make you stupid.

A man that acts on next to nothing is nothing and a man that acts on something is everything. Get the blog training now and learn exactly how you can make a difference in your life today. Learn how others have made it happen and how you can make it happen for yourself, if you want it bad enough, if your dream is big enough and if your why is clear enough. Most people that provide blog training or provide an income prospect, truly don't provide anything of substance but here you're being provided a road map, you have come to a fork in the road and you can either go right or go wrong. Make the right option, make the right decision now and get blog training today.

"I would rather do anything and fail than nothing and succeed"

Thursday, 14 March 2013

How to Download Site

Today, websites and blogs has become wide source of learning and education. Whenever you are free and you have internet connection than you will either be on any Social media like Twitter, Facebook or visiting some website or reading some blog. On and on, websites and blog has become important and intriguing source of our lifestyle . But all these need "Internet connection".

Now just think what if you don't have internet connection. One time this happen to me when I want to learn HTML &JavaScript and I know one of the good site, but at that time I didn't have fast internet connection whenever I click on the link in that website it takes lot of time load a page, than one stumbled in by mind what if I  can download site when I have good internet connection and read it whenever I want, no restriction.

Hey, I know you are eager to know the answer to question- "How to download site", I will not hold you more, just keep on reading and you will know the answer in few seconds. Steps to Download Site in Windows & Linux   There are plenty of software's to download site but I will suggest only one software and reason behind it is very simple i.e. I used it myself. That software is "HTTrack Website copier".   This software is very easy to use so what you need to do is:

1.       Download the software.

2.       Install it.

3.       Choose and follow the options which comes on the screen, no need to worry it will show and ask you different types of question like project name , website url , etc. just fill the details and proceed.

4.       Choose the download option after following above steps. It will start downloading, just leave it for some time, you can do other work because it takes time to download a website and time taken will be different depending upon the type and size of website.

 5.       After the download is finished click on "Browse mirror website", button.

6.       Now your web browser will open and show your mirror site, which you just downloaded. You can also check the difference in the url i.e. it will show the location of the file saved in your device.

If you find any difficulty than feel free to visit us ~ Techieoasis and comment on the blog. You can also join us on Twitterand Facebook.

Stay tuned for more updates by subscribing us !!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Creating A Blog From Scratch For Newbies !!!

Creating Blogs :

Hi, you've heard of the blind leading the blind, well that's somewhat the situation here.

I've only been blogging for about two and a half months, so I'm by no means an expert, but in my opinion that's what qualifies me to write this article.

The reason being, I've managed to get my blogs on the net.

If you're familiar with Face book and Scrapbooking, that's great, you have an advantage over me!!!

There are literally millions of blogs on the net, possibly because they're far more simple to create over a web site, needless to say for the likes of me, and they're usually FREE, user friendly and it's not necessary to know or understand HTML Code.

If you're reading this then you are obviously looking at a web site that has published my article or visiting one of my blogs, either way you're looking at my original content.

Just to inform you as a side point, I am Dyslexic, not something I like to admit freely however I hope with this info, it will allow you to understand that maybe it's slightly more difficult for me than for some.

Your reasons for creating a blog may vary, maybe you have a story to tell, or information others may benefit from, maybe you just want to create your own personal space or create a forum for others to leave comments, or perhaps just use the experience as a learning curb, or maybe try to create an extra income source

There are many FREE blog providers but for now the one I use is later if you want you are free to play around with Wordpress or others, that's up to you.

Time to start.

Most other websites would show you "how to" by using a video, in my opinion this can work great because you can see the illustrations and someone talking you through the process, this method can also be a disadvantage as well, for example most of us can't memorize all of the instructions given so unless you take notes or continually work between the video and the set up process by flicking backwards and forwards from the video page and the set up  page your brain can become confused  and frustrated, my way would be to print the instructions and then follow accordingly.

Ok, let's go.

Go to Google in your web browser the Google Home or search page. Sorry if I'm insulting your intelligence, but this guide is for the totally in-experienced!!!

Type in the search box, and hit the enter or return key, or use the mouse to click "Google Search" .

The page results will show within the top three Blogger: Create your free blog or you can click this link, it will bring you to the page.

On the Blogger page you will see "Create a Blog" in an orange box. Click using the mouse, this will bring you to the sign up page, there are 3 stages listed in the top bar;

Create an Account.
Name Blog
Choose Template
The page you are on is No 1 Create Account.

The first box on page 1 asks you for a valid e-mail address, (If you don't have one click this link Google Accounts and create an account .

Once you have created the e-mail account enter your e-mail address in first box on page 1 on the create blog page.

The next box down asks you to re-type your e-mail address.

Next comes your password, Choose a password you can remember easily and type in the boxes requesting it.

The next box asks you for a name you are going to use to sign your blogposts posts, this is the content you will add to your blog.

For example I used Heartcare for the purpose that my primary blog was based on Heartcare, however you can choose a Knick name or a user name, this will become the name under which your posts will appear. For Example my daughter uses Hiba, so all the posts or articles on her blogs appear as "posted by Hiba"

At this stage I don't want to make things complicated, for example if you decide to post your articles on other sites like Article base to help create traffic to your blog this will be the name used to create the back link to your blog...

In the case where I've posted replies or added comments to forums on other sites or blogs, they've been posted under Heartcare, this also helps create back links to your blog and once again helps to direct traffic to your site.

So give a little thought to the name you're going to use!!!

Next you will see a small box asking if you want to be informed about information announcements and advice regarding getting the most out of your blog, It's up to you whether you tick this box or not, If you tick you will be added to the newsletter and receive e-mails on the latest information, this is an automated service giving the option to un-subscribe if and when you like.

Next you will be asked for your date of birth, remember this is a secure encrypted site provided by Google and your details will be kept private and not passed on to third parties, Google hate spam as much as the rest of us.

You will then need to type the word verification in the box provided, this is to ensure that it's a real person using the sign up and not a robot being used to create thousands of blogs used for spamming or money making.

Accept the terms of service by clicking the small box and move on by clicking continue.

Page 2 Name Blog

The first question asks you to choose a blog title, I used Heartcare, It's always a good idea to go to there you can find out if your chosen blog name is available.

Just take a look on the doteasy page to your right and you will see a green box (Search), just above type in your chosen name and hit search, this will take you to the next page to see if your chosen name is available, I try to stick with the results of availability from .com, .net or .org, or even it depends on your location. If your chosen name is available hit the back button on your browser, the left arrow on the top left of the website page until you get back to page 2 of the blog setup. If your chosen blog name isn't available try another until you find one that is.

Remember this is the name that the search engines will use to try and find your blog so try to think of something that you think people will search for.

Enter your chosen name into the first box on page 2 and then the second, in the first box you can put spaces between words; for example Heartcare 4 Life  but in the second you must leave out the spaces.

Click on availability, normally the words "This Blog address is available" will appear!

Hit Continue, this will now take you to page 3.

Page 3 Choose a Template.

Choosing a template is how your blog will appear. However if you're not happy with the look of your blog you have the option to change your template later. Before you save your template you have the choice to preview, if you're not happy highlight another and preview it.

When you're happy with your choice, Click on save template (the orange box top right of your template page)

Your blog is now created. You can now scroll back to the top of the page and click view blog.

At this stage I recommend you add it to favorites in your bookmarks option.

This will allow you to manage your Blog by selecting it straight from your Favorites menu (DON'T forget to add to favorites, it's very likely at this stage Google will not find your new blog in a search at this stage).

It's very important also you make a note of your e-mail address your password and user name unless it's something you can remember easily, the next time you open your blog you will need to use these details to enter your blog by signing in.

Please accept my apologies if you have found these instructions an insult to your intelligence, however for those who have little or no experience of computers I've tried to take you through the process in simple easy steps, you'd be surprised how many people out there are not computer literate or even have disabilities like me.

However even I know DNA doesn't stand for National Dyslexic Association!!!

Yer, it's great when you can make fun of others, but I go one step further, I make fun of ME,

Here's another, The Dyslexic, Agnostic Insomniac knelt by the bed at 3 in the morning "Is there such thing as Dog"??? he asked.

Now you've created your blog in the next article I'll try to show you how to add content.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

What's Your Purpose For Blogging???

Ok, so you've now created your blog, you have your new template, time to add some content.


Before you think about adding the content, ie; your posting (something you've written), I need  you to understand a few things, your reading this on  Article base or my blog However its my original content...

First of all let's examine

The reason for your blog.
Your expectations.
Your audience.
Let's assume just for one minute that's the reason why you're here is not just to learn how to set up a blog but to earn a six figure income or even just a few bucks.

What you need to FULLY understand is your new blog is like a tiny Island in the middle of an enormous ocean

.An Island that no one except you have ever heard of.

In order to get people to visit your tiny Island you need to provide them with first of all the knowledge that it even exists and secondly how to get there.

This is the WHY I ask the reason for your blog.

By now you have probably been pulled into people's adverts, (squeeze pages) high pressure selling techniques, and paid  money to sign up to join all kind of get rich schemes, they offer 100's of dollars worth of Free aids (normally Free e-books) memberships to Guru sites, seminars and loads more.

Start making money in 10 minutes from now….We'd all like to be like them….if only it was that simple, no one would work, everyone would stay at home earning a six figure income.

The people selling these systems are part of huge affiliate marketing groups, you can join for small enough money (at the bottom of their ladder).

They give you all the tools, 100's of tools, they even set up the squeeze pages, the affiliate links the whole lot.

I recently bought a package, (I checked it out for scam probability first), Amazing reports, came up over 2.5million hits in Google search, best thing since sliced bread, the re-invention of the wheel in Internet terms, Guaranteed to make 1000's.

There were so many tools, (e-books) it took me 3 solid days to browse them, not read and take in the information fully.

The package was complete, however still full of further squeeze page ad's trying to part me with more cash. Some even offering a 60 day free trial and only after the trial finished I'd pay, bull, after the 60 days I'd pay 57 dollars a month, but if I took advantage of this one time offer TODAY I'd pay only 27dollars a month, free trial with a catch, eh.

Do YOU want to be like them?
Regarding earnings I'm sure you do….. so do I…..
Let's get to the real point……

They can sell you the package, they can set you up with all the tools, they can give you all the advice you need, but are they going to create the traffic to your ISLAND?

Simply NO NO and NO…..

I doesn't matter what package or get rich quick scheme or money earner you subscribe to, YOU have to develop the traffic.

These people even tell you that you don't need a site or a blog, True, there are many ways you can generate traffic to the squeeze page, they provide with your affiliate link but it all takes time and work, a lot of time and work.

Unless you have an established blog or site getting tons of hits every day it will take you a lot of time and work.

If you were to do just a couple of hours a day like they suggest in their squeeze ad's you'd be 150 years old by the time you see a return.

I have a good friend of mine he was getting over 7000 hits a day on his site and over 1500 followers, he decided to affiliate, drop in a few squeeze pages, its surprising how quick his followers and hits dropped off. It took a long time to re-gain the confidence of his group.

I'm sure all the Guru's who read this, if they even bother, very unlikely, would disagree, but I'd challenge them to start from fresh Today and get traffic to their Island as quick as they expect you to do it.

To start with try and find a URL or domain name that's still available using" make money" in the title.

Yes you can use key words, that helps.

Don't get me wrong, It can be done, It is being done, but it's not as easy as these people make it out to be.


I hope I haven't burst your bubble….. there are ways to get people to visit your Island, and I'm going to try and show you the more simple ways but it still involves work.

You don't think this article wrote itself, or do you?

Regarding your expectations, even if you get people to your Island you will need to look after them, after all it was you that invited them, now you need to feed them give them something to drink, maybe then they will want to come back, especially if it's a nice Island with plenty to do and see, people don't want to come to your Island for nothing. So if they find nothing they surely won't stay or it's unlikely they will come back.

Well that's it for today, examine your motives, if it's to make a six figure income then maybe I can't help you, but if you just genuinely want to Blog and maybe gain a few Bucks to help you along the way then maybe you will come back for the next chapter.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Writing Articles And Submitting Them To Search Engines

In the last chapter we discussed the purpose of your blog, Like I said if it's to earn loads of money then you could be in for the long haul. Either way I'm going to show you some simple ways of creating Traffic to your tiny Island.

Just to make clear from the beginning  I AM NOT affiliated to any of the links in this Article, I will not make 1 single penny from the referrals, the links are purely to help you along your way to getting your Blog recognized……

Onward we shall go.

Some Guru's, the ones who tell you "you don't even need a website or Blog to create income from their proven system" are quite often right, however this invariably leaves you needing to advertize or possibly start an e-mail campaign….

These so called Guru's show you the massive proof of earnings on their squeeze pages, gets you excited doesn't it, first of all this is how much they've earned…..

No, No and No again, this is how much they've taken, how much have they spent in advertising, so what's their real profit?

On order for them to gain, or stay top ranked, they need to work consistently,  pay someone else to do it, or advertise.

The same applies to YOU, professional article writers are well paid.

Advertising can be cheap but you need a lot of it, 3 dollars a month here and 5 dollars a month there can soon add up to several hundred dollars a month. What do you get for your 3 or 5 dollars, very little, 35 to 50 dollars per ad maybe will get you a bit more.

So possibly you think about taking their advice of "starting an e-mail campaign";

You Simple attach a signature to your outgoing e-mails so everyone who gets your e-mail has a direct link to your squeeze page, your affiliate link they have provided you with in the package you bought.

Great !!!, NO, NO and NO again….


Take a look in your e-mail address book, is there anyone in there you don't know, these people are your FRIENDS, family, work colleagues, possibly even your bank manager.

How embarrassing would that be?

Do you REALLY want to ram your squeeze page down their throats???

If your just creating a Blog to have your own personal space, share your thoughts, holiday or Wedding snaps then join Face book or the like, why do you need a blog.

So let's start to be honest…..

You have other reasons,

Mine are,

To help others, Primary objective.
To try to make a few, and when I say a few I mean a few extra bucks in the bargain.
Meet and make new Friends.
For example my motives in this blog are to bring you to the realization that Blogging for money can be very time consuming, so let's take it easy, have some fun, enjoy what we do and gain by the experience.

Whatever your motives are is irrelevant to me, all I know is you need to create visitors to your Island, nourish them and invite them back for another visit.

So, here we Go.

1   Do your research on your chosen topic, no matter how much you think you know there's always more to learn.
2     Write well, just because you maybe an expert in your field doesn't mean others are… make things simple to understand.
3       Use short introductory paragraphs to gain the reader's attention.
4        USE Keywords but be warned use the key words sparingly, let people and the search engines know what your article is about but don't over or under do it, for example if you don't use your key words enough, search engines won't pick up on them, that's fine for your readers because they won't be getting bored reading the same thing over and over again, if you overdo it search engines may view your article as Spam and probably put you in their "sand box" where you could remain for a long time, not only will the search engines regard your article as Spam but probably so will your readers….visit might help, sign up for their 7 day free trial. Indecently I AM NOT AFFILLIATED TO ANY OF THE LINKS IN THIS ARTICLE, I DON'T MAKE 1 SINGLE PENNY FOR REFFERALS.
5      Use correct spelling and Grammar, difficult for me because I'm Dyslexic, If it wasn't for spell check you surely wouldn't be reading this :)
6      Try to be informative, interesting, funny, unique….
7       Try to install the want or need for your visitors to come back, make your Island a nice place to visit, encourage them to want to leave comments or even become a follower, the more people find your Island Interesting the more people will add it to their favorites or bookmark list.

In my first article How to create a blog I explained how to add a post or an article to your Blog, so now you've written something, it's time to post it, follow the instructions in that article, view your blog or preview how It's going to look and click on " publish".

That's it you've done it….

Now its time to submit your Blog to Google, one of, if not the leading search engine, go to or click this link.

Copy your URL and paste it in the URL box, next, give a brief description of the content of your blog or article, ie. In Heartcare4life I used the title of my first post, Prevention is better than cure, Google will pick up on the rest.

Type in the squiggly confirmation text into the box below and click on the little box "ADD URL"

Don't expect miracles, the Google bot will now do its work and put your site where it thinks it belongs. Depending on your URL, content, keywords, and competition on the same subject will depend your position in Google listings, But at least you've made a start.

Next go to add your URL  and this time your e-mail in the box provided, click on the "check all" link below the "submit my site" box, this will highlight and tick all the search engine boxes, click on "submit my site" and wait until it's finished it's work.

You have now completed the first simple step, still a very long way to go, but you've made a start.

That's it for today, my one finger typing digit is tired, hopefully I'll see you for the next step.

Like I said Take it easy, have fun and enjoy the ride.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Creating Traffic To Your Blog

Ok, let's try and get a few more visitors to your tiny Island,

So you've just moved into a small village, no one knows you and likewise you know no one,  you would like to take a step up the social ladder, get to know people and let them get to know you, up until recently they didn't know of your existence nor you theirs.

Free Google Traffic--here’s 3 Easy Ways to Get Top Gun Listing With Google
Websites or Blogs have ratings based on a scale of 0 through 10, you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

For example if you link to a 100 sites with low ratings you won't increase your ratings, however if you link to sites with high ratings you will be invited to the best party's by the search engines.

You can't just gate crash a party or in other words just attach yourself to another person's site or Blog, you need an invite.

High ranking sites like, Article Base, (+100's more) are high rated sites, and you have a free invite to join their party.

Providing you don't get drunk and make a fool of yourself they're glad for you to come to their party as often as you like, thus building yourself up quickly on the social ladder where you can invite others to your Island.

Be Warned !!! Read their terms and conditions, If you do get drunk and make a fool of yourself at one of their parties you will get yourself thrown out and not let back in.

Respect their rules , don't blow your nose on the curtains or urinate in the Flower beds and you should be fine.

Nearly all of these sites are free to join and submit an article but if you want to feature it expect to pay.

Understand that these sites are free domain, anyone can take your article and use it for content on their site, it is courtesy to leave in the link to you and your Island as a way to show their appreciation, this in itself creates links to your page, the more popular your article, the more it will get used, the more links to your Blog the more visitors you will get, plus you will be recognized more by the search engines.

But again be Warned, some Article sites will allow you to paste your URL in the Auther Bio, others in the Article, either way you will get the credit for your writing.

However don't make the same mistake I did, don't paste your URL into the title. I got removed from a very good site because of it, and now am trying to beg my way back in.

Before Google even new I existed, I submitted 3 or4 articles to one particular site publisher, ie: xyzArticles, the very next day Google found me and ranked my blog top of page 1 out of only 10 sites found, In fact I was listed position 1,3 and 4.

Within a week, top of 32 sites, a week later, top of 1300, after just 5 weeks and people using my articles, translating them into several languages and pasting them on their sites I arrived at top spot, No:1 in 76,300 sites, yesterday I checked again and got top spot No:1 in 117,000.

Having  now been removed from the site that more or less got me there I hope I can get back in before it effects my ratings.

Now don't get me wrong  top spot No:1 position out of 117,000 sites is small in comparison to the extent of cyberspace, but a good start for a Newby.

And all that just from 3 Articles….

I suppose by now maybe you should know how to create a link, so I'll tell you,

I am assuming you are typing your post into the Postings box  selected from the Dash board of your blog at, your blog host, well let's put it this way you should be if you are using my instructions from the page "How to add content to your Blog"

Remember I explained the box where you type in your post is a little like Microsoft Word but a little simpler, I recommend you played around with it to figure out it's functions.

About half way across the tool bar you will see the tool "Link", if you want you can make ANY word in your typed article into a link, drag the mouse over the word and highlight it, click on "Link" button and a pop up window will appear, type the link address you wish to link to into the box "To what URL should this link go?"and click the "OK button.

Likewise if you type in a URL like and click the "link" button it will create the link automatically because the HTML code used in creating the Blog Template recognizes it as a URL.

Whilst you were in the box that created a link from ANY chosen word maybe you noticed the button to change the link to an e-mail address. This option can be used in the same way except it directs the clicks from the chosen word to an e-mail page, that is of course if you typed your e-mail address into the box and clicked OK.

So now anyone reading your post on your Blog clicks on the link it will immediately take them to the link you specified. The same goes for published Articles submitted to xyzArticles. This is how you create links to your Blog (your back links).

I hope that wasn't too complicated for you…..

So now we've got a little further, you've hopefully begun to be recognized by Search Engines and you've learned how to create back links to your little Island.

Hopefully soon we can add some Affiliate links and a few ad's, and turn it into Treasure Island…..

Take a Look For The Automobile Search Engine Optimization

In online marketing industry day by day many changes come, which affect the online business. If we look in market then there are many automobile business owners in the industry who have changed their business strategy and move to the online promotion.

The Growing Craze about Cheap SEO Services
This online promotion of the automobile business raises the demand of the auto SEO. Auto internet marketing is one of the branches of the search engine optimization. There are many professional companies in the market which offering the automobile search engine optimization.

There are many reasons behind the increasing graph of the auto internet marketing:

>  Auto SEO is designed to draw the valuable traffic to the site which increases the ratio of the sale lead convert.

>  It builds the branding for both global as well as local platform.

>  It helps your site to list on targeted keywords in top ten results of search engines.

>  It familiars you with ongoing competitors of the industry.

>  It helps you to get stable potion on SERPs.

>  It helps to get ROI

>  It helps to increase the graph of the business profit

However, to select the best automobile search engine optimization from the leading company you need to take care of many things, as the market includes both real and fake auto SEO service providers.

Following questionnaires will help you to select the best auto internet marketing service:

>  Do you have done any projects for the automobile industry?

>  Do you have any portfolio of done Auto SEO?

>  Since how many years you are in the market to offer auto internet marketing?

>  Apart from these questionnaires you can raise the demand for showing their case studies, reviews, etc.

Definitely hiring automobile search engine optimization is the great way to get the success for your automobile business; however, selection of the auto SEO from the right company is vital.

Auto SEO is good for any site that is involved in automobile business. You have static service based site or you are running any ecommerce portal for the automobile; for both of them you can have the great result by hiring the automobile search engine optimization service.  So, make your automobile business success with hiring the SEO service and lead the industry with strong branding.

Above listed details will surely help you to get familiar yourself for the auto SEO and how could you get the benefits from auto internet marketing.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

SEO Writing - Offering A New Twist To The World Of Web

In this generation, when everything happens about the World Wide Web, it is just natural that online publicity has become among the most effective tools of marketing for any sort of company. It is simple for any firm to own a Website but what concerning its visibility, how do you obtain the website across for a targeted audience? Well, that's where "SEO" comes into action. SEO is basically Search Engine Optimization, that is a technique of improving the visibility of the web page in the search engine's search results. It makes your web page the sooner or else more frequently appearing site in the search engine.

The SEO essentially makes sure that the web page gets the best results through the search engine searches. SEO works on several forms of searches which comprise general search, image search, academic search, video search, news search along with industry specific vertical search engines. The best SEO judges the way search engine works; they identify the kind of people who look for, the genuine search term or the key phrases. There is also organic SEO, which is largely a term to describe the unpaid, algorithm-driven results of any picky engine.

To avail the paid SEO services, you need to hire a professional SEO service company. This kind of professional SEO firms provides with the best SEO specialist who will do the required job for you & optimize your web page in the absolute best way. There are many professional SEO content writing companies that offer you affordable SEO services. As a result how will you choose the best one for you? You will find simple parameters based on which you can choose the best service. The top five factors which will direct you in finding dependable SEO writing firms are going to be as follows.

• Test out the Samples: Every Content Writing Firm will hold their portfolio describing their body of work using the Samples attached otherwise available on request. Checking the samples will truly offer us a good idea about the paradigm.
• Testimonials and Reference: Visit the feedback part of the Company's web page to be able to know if they have received positive feedbacks from their Clients. References also can be requested so that you can get a neutral feedback from the respective referred company.
• Offering a paid pilot project: The finest method to assess the calibre of the company. Before assigning a bigger project, test the dependability of the company by assigning a pilot project.
• Discussing your requirements: Explain your complete requirements to the company even the minute ones. Interaction with one another is very important which could be even through voice chatting or screen sharing web conference.
• Confirming if the SEO Company can be familiar with latest trends: One of the many points to be noted, as you don't want your content to be outdated after all. Ask them everything regarding latest development in the web and recent updates in search engines.
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