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Thursday, 14 March 2013

How to Download Site

Today, websites and blogs has become wide source of learning and education. Whenever you are free and you have internet connection than you will either be on any Social media like Twitter, Facebook or visiting some website or reading some blog. On and on, websites and blog has become important and intriguing source of our lifestyle . But all these need "Internet connection".

Now just think what if you don't have internet connection. One time this happen to me when I want to learn HTML &JavaScript and I know one of the good site, but at that time I didn't have fast internet connection whenever I click on the link in that website it takes lot of time load a page, than one stumbled in by mind what if I  can download site when I have good internet connection and read it whenever I want, no restriction.

Hey, I know you are eager to know the answer to question- "How to download site", I will not hold you more, just keep on reading and you will know the answer in few seconds. Steps to Download Site in Windows & Linux   There are plenty of software's to download site but I will suggest only one software and reason behind it is very simple i.e. I used it myself. That software is "HTTrack Website copier".   This software is very easy to use so what you need to do is:

1.       Download the software.

2.       Install it.

3.       Choose and follow the options which comes on the screen, no need to worry it will show and ask you different types of question like project name , website url , etc. just fill the details and proceed.

4.       Choose the download option after following above steps. It will start downloading, just leave it for some time, you can do other work because it takes time to download a website and time taken will be different depending upon the type and size of website.

 5.       After the download is finished click on "Browse mirror website", button.

6.       Now your web browser will open and show your mirror site, which you just downloaded. You can also check the difference in the url i.e. it will show the location of the file saved in your device.

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