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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

SEO Reseller For Higher Ranking in Google

What is an SEO reseller? To put it simply, an SEO reseller is a person who sells the SEO services of another business at a marked-up price or as an affiliate who earns a commission. Both methods are viable but some may consider working as an affiliate to be more ethical. Ultimately this is simply a matter of opinion and each method can earn money online.

Using Arbitrage

Arbitrage is the act of buying low and selling high essentially. As an SEO Reseller a person can make a substantial amount of money. For example, if person sells SEO services, then outsources those services to other SEO companies they could turn a profit by marking up the price slightly. The benefit here is that the SEO reseller doesn't do any of the work, they simply pass it on to the actual SEO company. This puts the reseller in something of a management position who organizes their business and SEO services for their clients.

Becoming an Affiliate

Many online businesses have affiliate programs, including SEO companies. What this entails is basically advertising that company's services and when someone makes a purchase the person advertising gets paid a commission. Depending on how much an SEO serve charges, a person can make a substantial amount of money as an SEO reseller in many cases. When doing this it is important to take into consideration the terms and conditions of being an affiliate. Key points to take note of are how often the company pays affiliates, how much they pay, and if there are any particular rules to abide by.

Hiring Resellers

SEO companies also greatly benefit from using an SEO Reseller Program. Being able to get clients on a consistent basis is the lifeblood of any SEO firm and having others do the advertising for them is a smart move that can really pay off. Having an SEO reseller team that can bring in clients day after day can be extremely lucrative. It should be noted however, that SEO firms who do this need to ensure that their affiliates are provided with the tools to get the job done. This can be basic marketing tips, banner ads, text ads, and other helpful advertising materials. The more successful a firm's affiliates are, the more successful they will be, as well.

Overall, being an SEO reseller can definitely benefit everyone involved. Even if the reseller is using the arbitrage method, they are still ultimately driving business for the SEO company, even if they are not a true affiliate.

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