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Thursday, 18 April 2013

How to Protect Your Website

As you increase the positioning of your business the greater the risk that third parties or competitors intend to copy the look and feel of your company website. In addition to registration and legal protection of the brand it is important to know what elements you could protect your Web site from the field of Intellectual Property.

Among these rights can find e-commerce systems, search engines, software  design own website that could be protected by copyright even content as text, photographs, graphics, music and videos can also be protected in the same way. The main recommendation is that from the beginning you elaborate a proper strategy to protect your intellectual property assets, especially to keep the rights therein. Therefore it is important to take into consideration the following:

Register your brand: you must take into account that you will use in your website the brand in the same way that it is registered i.e. must not have substantial changes must also always accompany by the ®, MR or legend "trademark" to the public that is a protected trademark.

Register a domain name: that is easy to use and preferably related to your brand. Also keeps track of the effective date in order to renew in a timely manner.

Enters into a contract with the person who will build your website programming, should ensured in the development and originality ownership of the design and programming always be for you.

Only use images and / or photos coming from image banks: allow you publication or commercial exploitation generally through the payment of fees that you will be allowed and will avoid putting in risk to your company for a claim arising from the use of copyright, without permission of the respective owners. If your employees, contractors or suppliers are to have access to trade secrets that mean a competitive advantage. They have need to control the disclosure of this information  and to sign confidentiality agreements to avoid disclosure. Another point to bear in mind is that if the Web site information is received from customers or consumers, it must respect the privacy issue and above all ensure that personal data are protected leave there.

If your company becomes notified by use material without a license or authorization that material removed immediately pending resolution of the dispute as to continue using the infringing material after notification, may aggravate the situation and increase the possibility of costly severance pay damages. You will minimize the risk of infringing the rights of others and know detecting also securable to his advantage to further capitalize on the value of your company and its technological tools.

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