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Sunday, 14 April 2013

How to Take the First Step into Digital Communication

Recently, a customer service I paid via bank transfer then printed the digital proof with your printer, then scanned it and finally sent me by email the scanned receipt. It was easier to attach the digital file directly to your message?

Situations like this make me think that many people need to reach out and befriend new forms of communication. Prepare to initiate a process of assimilation and learning technologies, and its use for business.

These new habits involve, for example:

Used to switch from using paper to digital files.
Dispense over printed catalog, and start using more and the PDF website.
Complement the ad on radio or television, the telephone call, the publication in a newspaper, with email notifications (to customers or the public interest)
Share and publish digital media (website, fan page) is just information "stored" in our PC files.
Connect a company with its customers and the public "digitized" is not only a matter of investment. It requires a change of mind, a greater commitment to "approach" technology, and above all to renew or rather "done" in new customs.

Scan contacts

One of the most useful and effective tactics to start getting involved in the online world is digitally store contacts in a database that is create a list of names and email addresses of customers or other contacts of value.

They can be used as a source of data: customer business cards, forms or cards wherever your data records into digital forms or management software etc…

It is also important to begin to ask and record the email addresses of potential customers, or stakeholders who come into the business, to "grow" the database who then conveys it and you'll get the latest news from your company (offers, new products, updates, important information to customers, etc.)

Define messages to communicate

Apart from recruiting contacts (target audience, audience, potential customers, or whatever you call it) should also start thinking about how to begin to define and exploit the "information flow" to them:

What are you going to inform or communicate?
When they do, and how often
For you to send these messages and how you expect your partner to respond or react,
What use will give them the information that you will send, and
What use will give your business (selling more services, more customer loyalty that reminds you of old customers who have and you have forgotten, etc...)
Once you have set your little digital communications plan, you start sending messages (when appropriate, and the right people), and to track: no answers? Awaken an interest? You want more information or generate the results you expected.

Email marketing tools

Every company should have a good database of customers (actual and potential), and email messaging system linked to that database.

Particularly, I use my own CRM (customer management system) and my Gmail account, but there are many email marketing tools like Constant Contact , Fromdoppler , Mailchimp , Aweber , etc., that make managing email messaging as allow you to store contact information, and messages (templates) of communications you send periodically. These are solutions that solve from storage to shipping, and statistics.

If you've never done this, it may cost you a little at first, but try not to stagnate because they never figure it out. What I recommend is that you ask for help or seek additional information whenever you arise some obstacle or something that you cannot solve.

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