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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

How to Attract New Customers to Your Business

Did you know that at least 50% of your business contacts are not ready to buy something from your business in the first contact?

This means that not because you have many visitors to your website that they will buy something from you.

You can have the best blog, best social media presence and the best design, but that does not mean you will attract new customers if you do not apply the strategies needed to achieve it.

The strategies and processes that convert all that traffic into customers is not easy to explain, would be writing all day and would not explain everything.

However, it is not as complicated as it sounds; there are some very specific and effective strategies that achieve converting your traffic into customers. In this article presents a simple model to all traffic from your site to become actual clients, from start to finish.

Content marketing
it all starts with content. Without good content, it is not possible to attract new customers in the first place.

This content is framed in an even larger strategy called "content marketing." In recent years the "content marketing" went from being a lot articles written and posted low quality directories, to a very large range of alternatives that cannot attract new customers to your business.

Today content can take the form of videos, podcasts (internet radio), eBooks and reports, audios, presentations, documents, research, infographics and charts, in short, a Huge range of show our message form.

Content marketing is an art in itself, very important when attracting traffic. The content, like social networks is a best ways to attract traffic. Content can take various forms. Content can be used to drive traffic, then this traffic to become leads and potential customers, and finally, to become effective customers.

However, the content does not have the same effect without the following strategy: social networks.

Social Networks

Social networking is the second most important way to attract customers to your business. Without them, your content will not be shared, so it would not get to your prospects.

Beyond an effect "enhancer" of our content, social networks are for nothing more important: communication with your customers (potential or actual). For this, what we have to do is  listen to our customer, see what their problem is . If you can hear, then surely you will be able to offer a solution.

Communication is an essential step for your client goes "down" through your conversion funnel.

eBooks and Reports

EBooks and reports allow you strengthen your relationship with your customers, causing them to spend just be interested in your company want to work with them.

Both eBooks and reports are used to achieve two things: first, to get the most basic information to your customers (as I said, name and email address) to add them to your mailing list, on the other to continue sending information to continue "down" in the funnel.

Both eBooks and reports are not the definitive way to convert your traffic into customers. There is a strategy that tracks down the funnel: webinars.


The webinars are, as the word, made ​​by web seminars. What is the purpose of the webinars? Make all your potential customers (which are already on your mailing list) buy your product.

Basically a webinar occurs on a particular topic, as if you were giving a lecture in person. The key is that at the end of the webinar, one would present a solution to their problems.

The webinars are a typical strategy for software companies. These they do is create a webinar about some aspect of their product and then at the end of the article, they show a "unique offer", is a test product, a discount Limited time, a personalized consulting, catalog, etc…

To be clear: if you're invited to a webinar, it's because you are going to sell a product. ALWAYS. Okay, that's how. You can use webinars to make your potential customers, those who are interested and want your product, customers become effective.

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