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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

5 Reasons to Go To Social Commerce

What is Social Commerce?

The social commerce is just the natural evolution of e-commerce as consumers demand it through buying behavior. The buyer increasingly looking reads and compares information about their interests, companies must be in the exits where this process occurs to assist in the buying decision, providing the tools needed to brand-user interaction and user- user.

It can be defined as the strategy that introduces social networking online buying and selling of products and services. The advantages justify let, the work of the e-commerce to become increasingly more social platform maximum ease the path to purchase from buyers.

Why should we work on social commerce?

1) Visibility

It is the responsibility of the companies has their products in places accessible to consumers, where decisions are made and where opinions are exchanged. But eventually the user will decide, with their profile and interaction actions, which products will be most visible to them. When the consumer proposal is successful, they will arrange to share and create content on it.

2) Engagement

The store can do more social with several actions; we can set up shop on Facebook or give the e-commerce buttons and social applications. This further more brand interaction with the buyer. We must understand our online buyer, the purchase decision can be made from several devices, and tailor the store to them will be essential to ensure that the buyer remains in our e-commerce to reach the last step.

3) Personalization

Having the segmentation of social networks in terms of tastes and profiles helps us a lot to offer a product tailored to the needs of the buyer, increased the chances of purchase. We have gone from having an e-commerce the same for all visits to a different store for each buyer, so the unique shopping experience. The store is no longer a mere showcase.

4) Confidence

The 90% of people rely on the recommendations of their environment.

Confidence understood from two aspects, which generates its own social network and generating their own members with its recommendations, comparisons and comments. THE USER feels more and more comfortable creating and sharing information on social networks, so it is becoming less reluctant to use them as a shopping platform. If the process is successful and adjusted their expectations, generate positive content to attract more shoppers to the store, increasing the community of followers. Is the new scenario of mouth.

5) Loyalty

The social networks are a perfect place to reward the trust of fans and followers with exclusive discounts, or instant prizes. This enriched the experience and generate greater customer loyalty. We value the community.

Platforms for social commerce

There is no doubt that Facebook will take gold to the platform that best develops social commerce. It has perfect information and technologies for maximum customization of the shopping experience in all phases, from product presentation to payment.

Another network that also shows great potential for development in the social commerce is Pinterest. Allows a superb product display and organization by category, in addition to introducing price tags.

Third could locate to Twitter, excellent platform to manage customer service and star of an ambitious American Express to become a new channel of payment. The company allows payments in tweet form, is what is known as "pay per tweet".

It is showing that with social commerce opportunities, companies can only grow. It involves buying a new scenario with their      own rules. Only companies that are able to understand and cater to online buyers correctly will succeed in the new online shopping scenario.

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