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Friday, 5 April 2013

10 Tips SMB Marketing For Physicians

The reality is that we do marketing, to have our business cards, conduct a leafleting campaign, placing an ad in the yellow pages, etc… But most are isolated efforts of a core strategy. Then, here leave some tips to integrate their tactics and increase your sales opportunities and recommendation.

1. Discovered. Definitely do require you to know you're there, so you must have channels to communicate what you do and where you are. Recommend lean on web tools, networking and advertising for this phase.

Open a web page (indispensable nowadays)
Looking specialized advertising media such as magazines and newspapers.
Do not forget to ALWAYS have business cards that reflect your services and communicate well.
Give extra cards to your current patients to recommend you.
Tend to have good external image (signs) in your office, clinic or local, they know who you are and what you do.
2. Builds confidence. "Confidence" factor is paramount in your workplace, the person who first visited almost always arrives by that "someone" has recommended you or because of your job information through a "source" that considers legitimate and trustworthy.

Cultivate your reputation so that it generates confidence is one of the main tactics to keep in your marketing strategy. In your business "confidence" is everything to attract new customers. Some suggestions:

Create a blog and publishes articles of interest to your customers.
Open a profile on LinkedIn and interacts with groups.
Share health tips on Social Networks.
Share your story, your knowledge and experience on your website.
3. Give up. Not let in the hands of your patients / clients return, takes a good agenda with appointments and try to come on their needs. Some suggestions:

Call them to remind them of their next appointment.
If you do not have an appointment, call them to remind them of the importance of a further review (as appropriate)
Invite them to subscribe to your blog.
Send them by mail your articles or information that you consider important or treatment as appropriate.
Send them an email or call them with specials (if you drive).
4. Take care of the details. Definitely this is not exclusive to large company's specific business or money; the details make the difference and fail to generate emotions. Take care of the image represent and by that I mean your workplace, your furniture, your organization, cleanliness, order, service, etc…

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Give your customers something special, a little sweet, something to drink, background music, pleasant smells, well the ideas are limitless in this case and apply depending on your specialty and practice, but do not forget them. Surprise your customer with them.

5. Educate your client. The more informed you are your patient / client will have more confidence in you and will be more likely to recommend. Search forums for doing so: Blog, Webinars, Newsletter, Videos, Lectures, etc. Share information translated for them, information that may be useful to a broader market. Some suggestions:

Develops health videos and share them on your social networks.
Give a webinar a month on specific topics in which you are available to answer questions and offer advice.
Brochures Develops themes "generic" and offer them to your patients as a bonus after your appointment.
6. Commitment to Public Relations. There is no better tool to sell to cultivate relationships with other people, thus seeking contact with people. Some suggestions:

Learn how to use and social networks are the best tool to RP.
Mingle in Associations, Clubs or Chambers of Commerce in your field or specialty.
Never forget to bring your business cards, hand them out wherever you go.
Looking close agreements in business from people close to you.
7. Make Strategic Alliances. Do not work alone, looking for a team that can relate to each other, to complement without competition. Find people with the same vision of work that you, just as you and establishes clear rules of each recommendation.

8. Generate more revenue. If your specialty permits, seeks to generate secondary income the cost of your consultation. If you are a nutritionist, maybe you can sell your items very natural query. If you are a dentist, maybe you can sell kits for children to place their mouse teeth.

9. Give lectures and conferences. Climb literally stands. There is no better PR strategy to expose what many people you know in person, how many times can. Let invited to give talks in schools and universities. Search also offers this service in the business sector. And never forget to bring your business cards with you!

10. Make a Referral Plan. Help your customers / patients happy to recommend. Make a plan so that you can easily recommend. Some suggestions:

Delivery always your patients cards after a visit. If they already have the other insurance can give it to someone else.
Ask your testimony you give away to put on your website or blog.
Ask your patients / clients (those that you consider appropriate) allow you to place information on your office or clinic in their companies.

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