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Monday, 22 April 2013

The seriousness of a Custom Internet Store

Ebusiness isn't a new term. The context it is being used however keeps changing each hour or so. Why so? Ecommerce is a dynamic, flexible and adaptable medium. It permits business owners to reach out to millions of clients across boundaries. It's a all-encompassing domain to market product and concepts.

According to Forrester research ecommerce spending in the U.S will be around $262 bln in 2013. This is a rise of at least 13.4% from $231 bill last year. Also, online spending will reach $370 bn. in 2017 showing a 10% compound annual rate of growth. Forrester announces that e-business in U.S alone will grow to 13% in 2013.

Bearing the above statistics in mind it's important for every e-business to have a solid method ready. Follow these primary steps to set the stage for your custom online store:

Do a SWOT Research

Perform a competitor analysis to position your e-brand well compounding your mission and vision; short and long term goals

Set goals for each group like sales, customers, traffic

Hire talented and dedicated staff particularly for client service

Chart out a bunch of primary plans to effect on launch - geography smart, demography wise, interest wise and so on

Research business resources properly prior launch, example a corporate loan

Select a tough platform to launch your ecommerce site

Pick up the right channels to market your business

Decide the pricing of your products or servicesRunning a custom online store can be a little bit of a challenge. Follow the tricks below to make an impact on your audience:


Share your web store's content thru actively linking content to topical social media. The more you share the more folk start to know you. Its like free promoting for your e-business. Involve more of Generation- Z as they are more likely to search for and share fascinating content around.


Your online store can have a lot of stuff you need to sell. Put engaging videos, manuals, animations and graphics to grab attention. Text is important but do not make your site too boring as it'll take the life out of your internet site. 3D pictures work as users get a look and feel of the real product and are good to share too.


This is a good idea to build instant connection with your purchaser and to remain in their memory. Use it parsimoniously, do not over-do it to make it appear like a marketing novelty. Reward your clients reasonably with rebates , coupons, freebies, sale or anything pertinent to your business.


This is a very critical side of your internet site. This can guarantee whether users are really enthusiastic about making a purchase with your brand. Design a simple or a 3-step check-out process for remitting payments and confirming the acquisition. Never attempt to up-sell too hard at the end of this process as it may backfire by annoying purchasers.


Inspire your customers to leave reviews, ratings and recommendations. Dedicate a team to gather them and address any customer queries or doubts actively. Take time to explain negative feedback or delays in service. Regularly update your website with testimonies and place them at a spot where customers are more likely to see them, for example, beside the products.

To Summarise

To build and run an internet custom store is not as tough as it may appear. All that you need are accomplished staff, creative ideas and continuously input of new content on your internet site. Before you start though it's essential to know precisely what you desire from your e-business and what your customer may desire from it. It is as easy as Get-Set-Go. Get resources, set up the site and start reaching out to your intended group.

About the Author:

Peggy Chen is a mechanical engineer in Asia overseeing the implementationg and troubleshooting of plants reporting budgeting and ideas. During her off days she likes to do some travelling and sight seeing. Level-headed and honest character she is making a good friend and consultant to folks around her.

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