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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Benefits of HTML5 Ecommerce Development and Its Popularity

From the time internet exists HTML has been the language of interaction between man and machine. Over the years it has emerged, enhanced and expanded into various versions with better features as time went by resulting in various versions of the platform, the most recent being HTML5. It is the latest, the best HTML can get and has evolved to be more powerful as compared to its previous versions and includes many more capabilities making HTML5 ecommerce development a reality.
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Earlier using HTML for ecommerce development would sound like a joke, for scope of HTML development was limited. However future developments make impossible possible and this is true with HTML5, the latest version supports ecommerce website development. Most of the web development companies and business giants have already realized its capabilities and have started using HTML5 development in a bigger way.

Geo-location function of HTML5, allows web browsers to access the place of their visitors. Think about the kind of customized services that could be provided to visitors with the help of this function. Small companies can use it to provide eye-catching place centered discounts to customers, even without the user having put in his/her place details. Something as application motivated as traffic and climate details can also be provided to customers depending on the place.
Though it is a simple to learn language it should be remembered that HTML5 developmentbrings along its own challenges and limitations. Initially it might be difficult however as you get a grip over it, it starts getting simpler. Biggest benefit of HTML5 ecommerce development is that it makes debugging and editing code easier and is SEO friendly. Both these benefits facilitate its development. SEO friendly website is easier to rank promising better rankings in lesser time bringing in more business in less time to clients.
Here are three more reasons why HTML5 development is gaining popularity in the market:
When compared HTML5 developmentis less expensive, for HTML5 developers are easily available and you do not need a custom hardware to begin with it

HTML5 game development is possible, this is great. Now-a-days games are the new way to market, HTML5 games will not only be cost effective but will also be best for your marketing efforts
HTML5 is backward compatible, a website or application developed using the latest version will still work flawlessly on older versions of the platform
All these and more benefits of HTML5 ecommerce development make it the best choice for your ecommerce website development.


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