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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Vital Software For Your New Computer

Whether you buy yourself a Personal Computer, a Notebook, or a Laptop, the first thing that most of us do is install software as per our requirements and in order to perform multiple tasks. Without installing the needed software a computer is of no good or rather a box with no purpose. The very thought of it, made me sit and jot down a list of software that i recommend everyone to install whenever they purchase a new computer.
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Web Browser: It allows you to retrieve, present, and traverse informational knowledge on the world wide web. Some of the recommended browsers are:
Google Chrome – It is a platform that encourages least possible design and makes web browsing safer, quicker, and easier through its sophisticated technology. Chrome also equips users with the option to customize their browser with a varied range of applications, themes, and extensions.
Mozilla Firefox – An independent browser that offers several handy features to its users such as pop-up blocking, Live Bookmarks, password manager, and a lot more. Through Firefox you can also import all your favorites from Internet Explorer, which makes switching browsers a lot more easier and convenient.

Archiver: For easy transfer of information, an archiver is essential for computers as it brings together all files into a single folder. This prevents loss of data and one can also compress information to reduce its size with the help of an archiver.
IZArc – With the help of IZArc one can protect archives through passwords, also you have the option to split the entire folder into multiple volumes. IZArc is also helpful in repairing ZIP files that are damaged and typical file compression can be performed with ease.
WinRAR – A competitor of IZArc, WinRAR is quite a flexible archiving tool. Its compatibility with file formats is far more than several other compression applications but the appearance might look slightly old when compared to other archiver platforms. Avoid judging a book by its cover!
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Anti-virus: An extremely important software for the security of computers as it helps in detecting and removing all kinds of malware.
ESET NOD32 Anti virus – A very useful anti-virus, especially for those who has PC's in their homes and are looking for something simple. It also guards your computer while you are working online and have the potential to detect viruses that are new and not mentioned in the threat database.
Kaspersky Anti-virus 2012 – It specializes in scanning all websites, mails, files and folders, any external drive, content related to chat, or any other application you PC encounters for any kind of malware.

Other than the above mentioned applications which are quintessential for the maximum utility of a PC and for its longevity, there can arise a need for customized application. Depending upon your desirability you can communicate your requirement to any Software Development Company. As far as my recommendation goes – Indian Software Developers are a superb option for the same. The reason being that the place has become a hub for software development which in turn equips them with global technological standards and are also certified for quality standards.

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