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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Social Media Optimization Strategies to Expand Your Reach throughout the World

Experts say that Google Penguin's bid to make search engine results more relevant and easy to look for information has turned out to be a strict caning for those who violated the rules and guidelines laid down by Google. Some websites unfortunately cheated the system and they were dropped of by Penguin from the first page of search engine results. And such a drop almost and in some cases meant death for many ventures online, since the revenue generated through this mechanism was way lower than what they otherwise would have got.

Hence how does once optimize their social media strategies online?

Prior to the penguin algorithm effects, it was Panda that came in last year and it forced many websites to do away with SEO strategies that weren't effective any longer. Reciprocal links, content scraping, keyword stuffing etc which were practiced at one point of time, were now hurting website owners and not helping. But at the same time, the use of algorithms helped with the social sharing and created major impacts as well. This also showed how users were being affected by content online.

What you need to do:
Fresh content must be created at all times which is half the battle won for success at social media
Both Penguin and Panda would hurt when the websites are static. This would mean more weight given your websites or blogs, and if you don't have it, do it today. But ensure you add the blogs the right way, you could add them as a sub domain and not as a separate website, or else the benefit would be lost. The blogs main aim should be to get the market engaged, and you can do that by giving them valuable advice, white papers, tips, press releases and even important case studies too.

Keyword is the best way to deal with the optimization needs
Content creation and the use of the right keywords make better sense.
They both go hand in hand and they would allow users to search for you sooner.

The use of right keywords would help you be in sync with the target audience and thus you should use long tailed keywords which would bring in more traffic and give you a better position in the results on your search engine as well. Remember when you are creating content, think from the customer's point of view. Reduce the number of keywords and make it easy to read. Stuffing keywords would make the content awkward, unattractive and unappealing as well. This is what Google realizes and hence would penalize you if there are many keywords used at the same time, particular keywords especially.

Sharing and publishing is the way to go
Consistent publishing of the content would be able to get enough of social media attention, thrice a week would be best. However only having content wouldn't do, you just can't create and wait, publicity for the content is important. The posts need to be publicized and shared across the social media platforms as well.
Yes, this is very important, because this would allow you to know who your end users are and how you would best be able to tap into the lion's share of the presence online.

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