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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Violating Google SEO Guidelines Can Negatively Effect Your SEO Strategy

SEO trends say that Google no doubt today is the king of all search engines. It is the number 1 search engines which would do amazing things for your web presence and business online. Sources say that whoever comes searching for whatever online would click on the best number 1 ranked page on this king search engine. And this is eighteen percent of all times, and if your page is on the high rankings, you would have half the time got your page clicked by someone or the other. And they there are many who would click your page even if it ranks on the first few on Google's page 1.
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There are new algorithms which have been developed by the search engine Google, and this helps catch any website that tries to cheat the system it created. Google Panda for example came out last year and was made to enhance the presence by high rankings only for those pages that had high quality content, and not the ones with inferior quality content.

This year when Google Penguin was released, it was done so with the aim of catching those who spam the web. Such people or ventures are known to violate the quality guidelines established by Google. And this they do purposely by taking part in keyword stuffing or linking the site to spammers, buying links and then selling them, making duplicate content and proving redirects that are cloaked or sneaky.

SEO Expert Services opine that there are many ads which can be found when advertising online is talked about and done, and those that are known as "above the fold" would not enhance but bring down the ratings of your site, which is negative for you. No one likes to be aggressively sold something, and this is what Google understand very well, and hence no questions asked here. Google doesn't like sneaky behavior and would only want relevant and high quality content to float around online. And thus anything that wouldn't follow its guidelines would have to face the stick and not the carrot. AdChoices
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What would happen when you violate the SEO guidelines set by Google would be auto deranking, death penalty or even manual interventions. If you are caught cheating and Google watches you doing that, expect your pages ranking to go down the drains, rankings in this case. When Panda was released, there were many content farms that dipped and faced death penalties. But those with "user feedback" pages climbed the ladder and this helps the social media sites too.

If there is something in your site which Google thinks is fishy, they would manually intervene and let you know of the same. It has happened with J.C Penny and the attention was brought to them by Google, and J.C Penny had to pay a large amount as fine, which we don't know the figures of.

So if you want to recover your online reputation and the ranking you have, it would take time. When the algorithms have brought down the rankings, luck is tougher. Google would do nothing to reverse it, but you have to work double on the count to get your site online improved.

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