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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Latest design patterns for landing pages

we provide you with a check list that will help you get the best design for the landing page. The check list includes the latest design patterns and also various other essentials which you must keep in mind, while coming up with the impressive landing page design. Read on to further know about how to get the most up to date and impressive landing pages.
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Study your competition in details – whosoever your main competitors are, it is really important for your to study their landing page designs in detail. Click on to their advertisements and take in to account the chief points which are helping them with the conversion rate. If you ever feel stuck in creating your own landing page, compare the progress of your page with that of your competitor's website.

The F shaped pattern for the landing pages is the latest in thing – researches and testing all over the world has revealed that the readers like to flip through the pages of the business website in an F shaped manner. Thus you should also make use of this discovery in designing your landing pages. In order to develop significant design pages, you can make use of the same discovery. Put up the images in the top most left hand side corner and put up the big headlines in the right hand side of the website. The conversion form or any call to action button should go in the right hand side of the page or below any of the headers.
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Do not forget the golden rule to keep it simple – it is really important that no matter what you do with the landing page of your website, you should also keep it very simple. There has to be a lot of white spaces or free spaces, in order to let your visitors concentrate on the specific information.

Do take care of the loading time of the landing page – the landing page of your website cannot take a lot of time to up load on the browsers of the users. Do not be persuaded to use a lot of graphics etc, so much so that you would have to compromise on the quality of the loading time. Keep the graphics and images to a bare minimum level and use only the best of what is available to you.

You may want to do away with the navigation – if you provide the navigation on the landing page as well, people may wander off to different locations. In stead, just provide them with the basic details. The role of landing page is not provide them with chunks of information, but to provide them with just enough information to hit the Buy Now button.

Give video a shot – Video is the latest trend in up grading the design of the landing pages. A lot of websites, especially fashion stores and fashion websites have really dynamic and impressive videos on their landing pages. These videos help the website owners to attract the visitors and draw them towards hitting the buy now button. However, you may want to ensure that the video does not add up to the loading time of the website. That it is short, concise and gets uploaded readily.


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