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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

9 Uses of Social Media for Competitive Intelligence

There is much information on the internet, but mostly there is information that can help us learn how to improve our business and our profession. Choosing, process and classify all that data is a laborious but effective, is called competitive intelligence. Almost always talk about social networking and social media as media that allow us to listen and talk with our public. But little is said about the game that you can get better results using business intelligence. This post is not intended to be a technical post on competitive intelligence and have made ​​some important points that have to do with the decisions to be taken in a business, not only from the point of view of competition.


Keep up to date with relevant news to your industry and competition is important to make business decisions. Monitors the appropriate hashtag and uses active listening via RSS to keep you alert.


Having a global vision through blogs will give you a different perspective and objective. Organize relevant blogs, those who think with influencers are and what they have accurate information. Subscribe to email them to not miss any of their news.


The real-time response for excellence. You can capture a lot of information at first hand, where do most relevant news. Organize private lists to follow competitors and may not know that they're following.

What to look for decisions

1. Complaints and suggestions

If you monitor the competition can detect what their weaknesses and there will have competitive advantage. If congratulated for doing well, you know what you have to copy. Find out what they say about your company, their opinion on where you see your services and proposals to improve reacts very fast. Do not make a snowball.

2. Competing brands

Do not forget when you make the word list to monitor competitors brands put, get a lot of information. Remember to keep active listening and organizes information.

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3. How are participating and how

Find out what most motivates users and what proposals are becoming more involved with your competition. Find out what matters most to your audience and make novel proposals in this direction.

4. Competitive Advantages

Another factor that you have to find online keys monitoring, you can also find out how they compare with you if they are your direct competitors.

5. Benchmarking

Not just monitor your competition, but even those who are not within your industry are doing well. You can always learn things for your business in any area. You have to register yourself quick ideas that you do not forget.

6. What market segments are pursuing

It is a strategy key to detect where you are moving towards your competition or other activity sector with a single target than yours.

7. Response to new products

If your competitor has launched a new product can check the response via online media. Keep listening especially the first few days are critical, especially specialized blogs echo launches soon.

8. Attracting talent competition

Sometimes a dissatisfied employee of competition can become an opportunity to obtain information passively. Perhaps some hot comments betray its location or movement in the competition. You can stay alert to fish in troubled waters.

9. In which improve

There are many questions you can ask your audience and you can get from the audience of your competition. You can get lots of information to improve your products and services. Some issues that may inspire you:

How do you use our product? You may find you never thought applications.
What would you change about our product?. You might be surprised, there features that perhaps you've spent much time in R & D but the consumer does not see them as a priority. Ultimately you are doing yourself a favor if you say so.
How can we make our product more enjoyable, affordable, easy to use ...?.
Here are some ideas for using social media as a means of improving your business.

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