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Sunday, 10 February 2013

PPC with LinkedIn opens up opportunities for B2B companies

ust as many predicted LinkedIn is following Google and Facebook in a more personal way of advertising that allows advertisers close access to potential customers. LinkedIn is now offering PPC advertising. With PPC advertising now available through LinkedIn, businesses can target specific customers by their company, industry, job title or other desired attribute.

This new option for B2B companies is something that businesses have waited for to boost their business and quickly capture the attention of potential customers.

Google and Facebook dominate PPC marketing with B2C businesses because Google and Facebook are very much directed towards individual consumers. However, with LinkedIn's PPC program, B2B companies are walking on fertile ground with LinkedIn's 100 million (and growing) professional and business users. If a B2B business is looking to grow clientele or find talented employees to work for their company, PPC with LinkedIn is an important step for B2B companies.

Through LinkedIn's PPC program, B2B companies can work on creating relationship building marketing efforts and reach a specific target market with minimal effort and cost. LinkedIn bids start with a nominal fee that has the potential to grow a B2B business significantly. PPC ads directed to specific people with a specific purpose have the ability to close in on the desired market and spread a B2B company's name around that is sure to grab the attention of long-term, potential customers.

If you are a B2B company and wondering where PPC will most benefit your company, LinkedIn is a key option. For B2C companies, Facebook and Google reach consumers that may purchase things immediately and that is a great way for businesses to advertise. However, for B2B businesses, you are probably focused on building up a relationship because B2B sales usually involve more steps in creating long-term customers. PPC through LinkedIn is a great way to build relationships as you actively focus in on a particular market and gain their attention rather than waiting for clients to come to you.

And because LinkedIn is focused on bringing businesses and professionals together, advertising with PPC on LinkedIn gives credibility to your B2B business and bumps your advertising up to a more sophisticated level.With LinkedIn's PPC marketing strategy, B2B companies have a greater ability to reach the customers they are looking for and effectively gain their attention. It is a new way of advertising for B2B companies that gives them direct access to businesses and professionals that can help create growth and in turn, revenue

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