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Friday, 1 February 2013

Getting Familiar With Exchange Online

The popularity of Microsoft's exchange online is not hidden from anyone. It is basically a cloud based product that is designed to give large companies and businesses ability to have an email system that is enriched with a variety of features. The surveys that have been conducted in different parts of the world show that this product has increased the reliability of email systems. It offers you many more advance features when compared to other email systems. Now let's have a look on some of the benefits that it is providing to its users.

1. Now it is possible to make use of wireless devices to access email accounts, address books and other applications. The calendar is another feature that is present in the application and can be used to keep track on the coming events and future tasks.

2. The system is good enough to combine emails and calendars so as to provide more convenience to the users. With such integration, you can fix and keep an eye on your appointments, meetings, conferences and other activities related to your business. Moreover, it is also equipped with a scheduler that helps one in checking availability of your colleague on a particular day and meeting can be fixed accordingly.
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3. To run your organization smoothly, it has special features like recording of voice messages, tasks, mails and meetings that are associated with a specific group. Moreover, if speed of your internet connection is slow then you can view text versions also.

4. So as to provide an effective sharing of information between different groups, it is equipped with an inbuilt public folder that has a major role to play.

5. Various security tools are present that are good enough to check and prevent availability of harmful viruses.

6. Besides this, it has an ability to automatically regulate and display task lists.

7. The product is good enough to support an email enabled library that can be used for future references. In simple words, the documents that are attached with any mail are directly sent to library that acts a back up of the data.

8.Furthermore, it also ensures that your mails are kept confidential and security cannot be breached in any case.

So do not hesitate to bring this system into use as there are endless advantages that are associated with it. Companies that make use of this system give access to their employees to access their mails at any time from any part of the world. So, make use of it to take your business to new heights.

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