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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Reasons people post on twitter and facebook

Reasons people use Facebook and Twitter

To connect with friends and relatives

To promote themselves and get the recognition they do not get in real life

To promote their product or services ( a form of advertisement)

To air frustrations, grievances about people or an unfair situation

To bully, ridicule or defame someone they dislike or are jealous of

To spread malicious rumours which can do more than defame

To gather information about others for their own gain or satisfaction

So beware of what you use Twitter or Facebook for, otherwise it can ruin your career, reputation and lifestyle. Hackers do not care about your privacy.

 Your personal information, likes and dislikes, views, behaviour, personal ideas, thoughts and photos are all monitored by Facebook, Twitter and anyone who gains access to your online exposure

Be careful of using all social media and do not give out information or viewpoints as more than just your friends and their friends can see. Be aware that what you say about others can spread wide on the net

So what does that leave for us to use Facebook Twitter and other social media for, including blogging?  In fact, not much except keeping friendly connections with friends and relatives and generally talking about a lot of trivial crap

That is why I only log on once or twice a week. I have friends and contacts in the real world that I prefer to spend most of my time with.

There are hackers out there who have the expertise to re use what you have written over the years on blogs to build up a profile of you that could hurt your reputation and possibly even your career or lifestyle, so be careful what you write on these sites. Keep it friendly, not too personal and do not disclose personal information about yourself that may harm you in the future.

Remember -

Wisdom lies less in what we learn and more in our reactions to that learning; less in quantity and more in quality of knowledge of principles; less in the possession of ideas and more in the right employment of them. We must absorb our experiences and knowledge into our being which is an immortal reflection of the soul.

Those who have therefore found the centre of balance are open to the riches of the world. Keep this in mind when you are posting blogs on the internet.

from Gerard at the ultimate website to improve your quality of life.

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