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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Creating Traffic To Your Blog

Ok, let's try and get a few more visitors to your tiny Island,

So you've just moved into a small village, no one knows you and likewise you know no one,  you would like to take a step up the social ladder, get to know people and let them get to know you, up until recently they didn't know of your existence nor you theirs.

Free Google Traffic--here’s 3 Easy Ways to Get Top Gun Listing With Google
Websites or Blogs have ratings based on a scale of 0 through 10, you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

For example if you link to a 100 sites with low ratings you won't increase your ratings, however if you link to sites with high ratings you will be invited to the best party's by the search engines.

You can't just gate crash a party or in other words just attach yourself to another person's site or Blog, you need an invite.

High ranking sites like, Article Base, (+100's more) are high rated sites, and you have a free invite to join their party.

Providing you don't get drunk and make a fool of yourself they're glad for you to come to their party as often as you like, thus building yourself up quickly on the social ladder where you can invite others to your Island.

Be Warned !!! Read their terms and conditions, If you do get drunk and make a fool of yourself at one of their parties you will get yourself thrown out and not let back in.

Respect their rules , don't blow your nose on the curtains or urinate in the Flower beds and you should be fine.

Nearly all of these sites are free to join and submit an article but if you want to feature it expect to pay.

Understand that these sites are free domain, anyone can take your article and use it for content on their site, it is courtesy to leave in the link to you and your Island as a way to show their appreciation, this in itself creates links to your page, the more popular your article, the more it will get used, the more links to your Blog the more visitors you will get, plus you will be recognized more by the search engines.

But again be Warned, some Article sites will allow you to paste your URL in the Auther Bio, others in the Article, either way you will get the credit for your writing.

However don't make the same mistake I did, don't paste your URL into the title. I got removed from a very good site because of it, and now am trying to beg my way back in.

Before Google even new I existed, I submitted 3 or4 articles to one particular site publisher, ie: xyzArticles, the very next day Google found me and ranked my blog top of page 1 out of only 10 sites found, In fact I was listed position 1,3 and 4.

Within a week, top of 32 sites, a week later, top of 1300, after just 5 weeks and people using my articles, translating them into several languages and pasting them on their sites I arrived at top spot, No:1 in 76,300 sites, yesterday I checked again and got top spot No:1 in 117,000.

Having  now been removed from the site that more or less got me there I hope I can get back in before it effects my ratings.

Now don't get me wrong  top spot No:1 position out of 117,000 sites is small in comparison to the extent of cyberspace, but a good start for a Newby.

And all that just from 3 Articles….

I suppose by now maybe you should know how to create a link, so I'll tell you,

I am assuming you are typing your post into the Postings box  selected from the Dash board of your blog at, your blog host, well let's put it this way you should be if you are using my instructions from the page "How to add content to your Blog"

Remember I explained the box where you type in your post is a little like Microsoft Word but a little simpler, I recommend you played around with it to figure out it's functions.

About half way across the tool bar you will see the tool "Link", if you want you can make ANY word in your typed article into a link, drag the mouse over the word and highlight it, click on "Link" button and a pop up window will appear, type the link address you wish to link to into the box "To what URL should this link go?"and click the "OK button.

Likewise if you type in a URL like and click the "link" button it will create the link automatically because the HTML code used in creating the Blog Template recognizes it as a URL.

Whilst you were in the box that created a link from ANY chosen word maybe you noticed the button to change the link to an e-mail address. This option can be used in the same way except it directs the clicks from the chosen word to an e-mail page, that is of course if you typed your e-mail address into the box and clicked OK.

So now anyone reading your post on your Blog clicks on the link it will immediately take them to the link you specified. The same goes for published Articles submitted to xyzArticles. This is how you create links to your Blog (your back links).

I hope that wasn't too complicated for you…..

So now we've got a little further, you've hopefully begun to be recognized by Search Engines and you've learned how to create back links to your little Island.

Hopefully soon we can add some Affiliate links and a few ad's, and turn it into Treasure Island…..

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