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Saturday, 30 March 2013

7 Topics That Will Attract More Traffic to Your Blog

Although your intention in blogging no more than sharing and entertainment writing in your blog, you'll like visits from your readers. Simply by maintaining the motivation and desire of the first day and feeding in a way the "blogger's ego." So surely you want the list to share below.

These themes and formats that more and better spread in social networks, which consequently can be great sources of traffic very influential for our blog, so we pay attention to what will be the global needs and interests, thus taking advantage of the "pull media" that can bring a topic of current interest and concern rigorous global.

7 themes and formats that will attract more traffic to your blog

Social Networks:

Never mind about the Scribes of these three: Twitter, Facebook and Google +, everything related to social networks sold, because interest and is fashionable. Resources, How are they used? Tools and others, serve to draw attention and attract more traffic.

Tips and Advice:

I love the "tips", nothing is more grateful to read, quick tips and warnings on a topic of our total interest. As readers we like to be guided, advised or recommended, while we learn about something, whenever we consider useful and helpful.


Everything about undertaking, creations of start-ups, new business models, the freelance world and ultimately, the experiences and advice for new entrepreneurs, the consolidated and all kinds of information on undertaking, is devoured by the user network.


The video format has many advantages, as its great power of virality, strong visual impact and can reach the reader's emotions quickly without forgetting that it is much more entertaining to watch a video than read an article. Just in case you try it prepares a post with some videos and compare the impact of other items, it makes a difference.


Lists have a great power of attraction, as they are quick to read, scanable at a glance and more visual for the reader. As interesting as it is what you write, if not provided by you the task of structuring the information the reader will not get the conversion. The title in this format is always very important always, but you must make clear here is a list, the list of what is and to whom it is addressed and call letters explaining something to your list serve.


I'm a fan of infographics, for various reasons, its ease of understanding and visualization, is a great way to absorb and assimilate information. Enjoy an amazing power of viral, spread quickly and are valued very positively by the reader. Dare to research and create your own infographics!

Culture "free":

It is very natural, who does not like the cheap? Well imagine something for free, that's the bomb. And if next to the word "free" is "online" and do not say. If something is free, we abuse, disseminate or share it therefore becomes viral, favoring trafficking who provides the service or product for free.

Surely there will be many more subjects or formats that are very attractive and help us generate more traffic to our blog.

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