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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Creating A Blog From Scratch For Newbies !!!

Creating Blogs :

Hi, you've heard of the blind leading the blind, well that's somewhat the situation here.

I've only been blogging for about two and a half months, so I'm by no means an expert, but in my opinion that's what qualifies me to write this article.

The reason being, I've managed to get my blogs on the net.

If you're familiar with Face book and Scrapbooking, that's great, you have an advantage over me!!!

There are literally millions of blogs on the net, possibly because they're far more simple to create over a web site, needless to say for the likes of me, and they're usually FREE, user friendly and it's not necessary to know or understand HTML Code.

If you're reading this then you are obviously looking at a web site that has published my article or visiting one of my blogs, either way you're looking at my original content.

Just to inform you as a side point, I am Dyslexic, not something I like to admit freely however I hope with this info, it will allow you to understand that maybe it's slightly more difficult for me than for some.

Your reasons for creating a blog may vary, maybe you have a story to tell, or information others may benefit from, maybe you just want to create your own personal space or create a forum for others to leave comments, or perhaps just use the experience as a learning curb, or maybe try to create an extra income source

There are many FREE blog providers but for now the one I use is later if you want you are free to play around with Wordpress or others, that's up to you.

Time to start.

Most other websites would show you "how to" by using a video, in my opinion this can work great because you can see the illustrations and someone talking you through the process, this method can also be a disadvantage as well, for example most of us can't memorize all of the instructions given so unless you take notes or continually work between the video and the set up process by flicking backwards and forwards from the video page and the set up  page your brain can become confused  and frustrated, my way would be to print the instructions and then follow accordingly.

Ok, let's go.

Go to Google in your web browser the Google Home or search page. Sorry if I'm insulting your intelligence, but this guide is for the totally in-experienced!!!

Type in the search box, and hit the enter or return key, or use the mouse to click "Google Search" .

The page results will show within the top three Blogger: Create your free blog or you can click this link, it will bring you to the page.

On the Blogger page you will see "Create a Blog" in an orange box. Click using the mouse, this will bring you to the sign up page, there are 3 stages listed in the top bar;

Create an Account.
Name Blog
Choose Template
The page you are on is No 1 Create Account.

The first box on page 1 asks you for a valid e-mail address, (If you don't have one click this link Google Accounts and create an account .

Once you have created the e-mail account enter your e-mail address in first box on page 1 on the create blog page.

The next box down asks you to re-type your e-mail address.

Next comes your password, Choose a password you can remember easily and type in the boxes requesting it.

The next box asks you for a name you are going to use to sign your blogposts posts, this is the content you will add to your blog.

For example I used Heartcare for the purpose that my primary blog was based on Heartcare, however you can choose a Knick name or a user name, this will become the name under which your posts will appear. For Example my daughter uses Hiba, so all the posts or articles on her blogs appear as "posted by Hiba"

At this stage I don't want to make things complicated, for example if you decide to post your articles on other sites like Article base to help create traffic to your blog this will be the name used to create the back link to your blog...

In the case where I've posted replies or added comments to forums on other sites or blogs, they've been posted under Heartcare, this also helps create back links to your blog and once again helps to direct traffic to your site.

So give a little thought to the name you're going to use!!!

Next you will see a small box asking if you want to be informed about information announcements and advice regarding getting the most out of your blog, It's up to you whether you tick this box or not, If you tick you will be added to the newsletter and receive e-mails on the latest information, this is an automated service giving the option to un-subscribe if and when you like.

Next you will be asked for your date of birth, remember this is a secure encrypted site provided by Google and your details will be kept private and not passed on to third parties, Google hate spam as much as the rest of us.

You will then need to type the word verification in the box provided, this is to ensure that it's a real person using the sign up and not a robot being used to create thousands of blogs used for spamming or money making.

Accept the terms of service by clicking the small box and move on by clicking continue.

Page 2 Name Blog

The first question asks you to choose a blog title, I used Heartcare, It's always a good idea to go to there you can find out if your chosen blog name is available.

Just take a look on the doteasy page to your right and you will see a green box (Search), just above type in your chosen name and hit search, this will take you to the next page to see if your chosen name is available, I try to stick with the results of availability from .com, .net or .org, or even it depends on your location. If your chosen name is available hit the back button on your browser, the left arrow on the top left of the website page until you get back to page 2 of the blog setup. If your chosen blog name isn't available try another until you find one that is.

Remember this is the name that the search engines will use to try and find your blog so try to think of something that you think people will search for.

Enter your chosen name into the first box on page 2 and then the second, in the first box you can put spaces between words; for example Heartcare 4 Life  but in the second you must leave out the spaces.

Click on availability, normally the words "This Blog address is available" will appear!

Hit Continue, this will now take you to page 3.

Page 3 Choose a Template.

Choosing a template is how your blog will appear. However if you're not happy with the look of your blog you have the option to change your template later. Before you save your template you have the choice to preview, if you're not happy highlight another and preview it.

When you're happy with your choice, Click on save template (the orange box top right of your template page)

Your blog is now created. You can now scroll back to the top of the page and click view blog.

At this stage I recommend you add it to favorites in your bookmarks option.

This will allow you to manage your Blog by selecting it straight from your Favorites menu (DON'T forget to add to favorites, it's very likely at this stage Google will not find your new blog in a search at this stage).

It's very important also you make a note of your e-mail address your password and user name unless it's something you can remember easily, the next time you open your blog you will need to use these details to enter your blog by signing in.

Please accept my apologies if you have found these instructions an insult to your intelligence, however for those who have little or no experience of computers I've tried to take you through the process in simple easy steps, you'd be surprised how many people out there are not computer literate or even have disabilities like me.

However even I know DNA doesn't stand for National Dyslexic Association!!!

Yer, it's great when you can make fun of others, but I go one step further, I make fun of ME,

Here's another, The Dyslexic, Agnostic Insomniac knelt by the bed at 3 in the morning "Is there such thing as Dog"??? he asked.

Now you've created your blog in the next article I'll try to show you how to add content.

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