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Friday, 28 December 2012

Web applications And Scripts

Installing automated web application or what is called content management system make the process of management your website and adding new contents to it more easier .These systems are controlled by back end control panel which contains lot of tools which make adding new contents or automating some processes in the site a matter of clicking some buttons .
before you think in building a new web site you should learn some basics about web site developing and programming languages like html and php this will take some time to handles lot of commands which involved in building a single web page , but now with these CMS applications you can create many web pages which contains large number of web items like tables , lists , images ,urls with simple steps and without learning lots of technical knowledge .
Just Easy and few steps are required to install any of the famous and most used content management systems like wordpress and drupal . After you purchase your plan from your hosting company you should log in to Cpanel and install the required web application , most web hosting providers enable its clients to install from multiple applications for free and these applications are classified in different categories like blogging and forums
After You Log in to The website back end control panel you will find a section called software from this helpful part you can choose the icon which enable you to install from available applications the name differ from hosting provider to another , I tried hostgator cpanel and the icon is called Quick install which will take the user to a page containing many web scripts arranged in different sections according to function .
hostgator offer installation of all these applications with hostgator coupons you will find all these cms application in all packages that offered by hostgator you will find more than 30 program in different categories blogging , wiki , albums , e-commerce . also the company offer large number of site templates and free web site builder don't forget to search for hostgator coupons
If you want to change the configuration of php.ini file which control the setting of the interpreter of php language and how it read the scripts codes . According to the hosting company the permission of editing this file differ from one provider to another . Hostgator will permit you to configure some of the configurations in this file but prevent others from configuration . To configure the setting in this file in the software section you will find a tool called quick php configuration select it to find many of the php configuration directives if you know what you will change do changes in this file.
installing wordpress in you blog will help you greatly to select the proper features for your website and make you sure that your website have the suitable components , Find some"> hostgator coupons </a> and tutorials about wordpress blog setup .

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