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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Pre Production Checklist

Pre-production is the phase of fine-tuning ideas and planning prior to the process of production. In a live-action movie sense it is the period before filming starts. In an animation sense it is the period before any real animating takes place. Pre production is a major step when creating corporate videos too - it's no less important!

Don't get me wrong, I know the general location of what I'm looking for, I know my keys are in the house, or in the Norwich area... somewhere. I just don't have the organisational skill or the magic wand to pin-point where exactly.

When I'm editing I often find I have the same problem. In one project I'll have an extensive list of of unnamed sequences, audio tracks and a bucket-load of footage to contend with. Finding one short clip will become a ten minute long treasure hunt that only adds to the stresses of video production. What is easily forgotten is that there are very basic techniques that can be used to speed up the production process monumentally.

Scripting and storyboarding and writing a treatment are all crucial in the pre-production of a project, they ensure that there is a vision and plan for when it comes to the filming. They both undertake fundamental features of the filming process. Scripting and storyboarding are relatively similar, one dealing with the people/person being shot and the other dealing with those behind the camera, filming the action. Storyboarding is the practice of pre-visualizing a production through drawn, painted or rendered pictures called storyboards. In the past, storyboarding costs restricted the practice to productions with modest budgets. But recent software releases allow anyone to build storyboards using pre-created people, props and scenery. Most programs have multiple aspect ratios and import scripts, photos and scanned images for use as well.

Pre-production is important for the arrangement of what is going to be shot and includes many phases that cannot to overlooked (as I learnt). It effects the whole filming process and tends to make your life easier in the long run, with efficiency and ease when it comes to filming.

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